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The Precision Digital Press Room is where you can find all the latest press releases, from new products and features to recent approvals, by Precision Digital. All the stories below are accompanied by high resolution images. Please Contact us with any additional questions.

October 15, 2019Precision Digital Announces Introduction of the PD9000 ConsoliDator+ Multivariable Controller
April 17, 2018Precision Digital Announces Introduction of Intrinsically Safe and Nonincendive Loop Leader Loop-Powered Meters
February 20, 2018Precision Digital Corporation Releases New ATEX, IECEx Approved PD685
June 1, 2017Precision Digital Announces Introduction of PDW Industrial Wireless Products
April 27, 2017Precision Digital Corporation Announces Launch of Helios Series Large Displays
March 14, 2017Precision Digital Announces Introduction of New Loop Leader Loop-Powered Meters
September 6, 2016Precision Digital Corporation Announces ProVu and ProtEX-MAX Enhancements
October 1, 2015Precision Digital Corporation Headquarters Has Relocated
June 30, 2015Precision Digital Announces Quick Start Guides for Digital Panel Meters
May 6, 2015Precision Digital Releases 2015 Catalog and Price List for Digital Panel Meters and Control Instrumentation
April 1, 2015Precision Digital to Feature Newest Digital Panel Meters, Explosion-Proof Meters, and Modbus Scanners at ISA Calgary Show 2015
February 24, 2015Precision Digital's New Strain Gauge Meters Feature Improved Sensitivity and Power for Up to 12 Load Cells
January 17, 2015 Precision Digital Announces The PD6400 High Voltage & Current Meter
December 17,2014PD6001 Features Easy-to-Read Feet & Inches Display
November 17, 2014Precision Digital Announces Multi-Purpose Safe Area Modbus Scanners
November 4, 2014Precision Digital Announces ScanView EX Software for PD6730X and PD6830X Modbus Scanners
October 13, 2014Precision Digital Introduces Explosion-Proof, Multi-Purpose Modbus® Scanners
July 28, 2014Precision Digital Announces 2014 Catalog App for iPad
March 17, 2014Precision Digital Announces MeterView EX Programming Software for PD6730 & PD6830 Flow Rate/Totalizers
January 13, 2014Precision Digital Announces Vantageview Series of NEMA 4X, Field-Mounted Meters
August 26, 2013Precision Digital's New Super Snooper Modbus® Scanners Feature 1/8 DIN or Explosion-Proof Enclosures
July 30, 2013Precision Digital's New 1/8 DIN Dual-Input Flow Rate / Totalizers Feature Wide Range of Math Functions, Programmable Display
May 14, 2013Trident Digital Panel Meters from Precision Digital Combine Multiple Outputs, Shallow Depth Case, and Largest Display of Any 1/8 DIN Meter
April 23, 2013ProtEX-MAX Series of Explosion-Proof Meters Approved as a Complete Product
March 25, 2013Precision Digital Introduces Explosion-Proof, Loop-Powered, Feet & Inches Level Meter
February 12, 2013Precision Digital Introduces Explosion-Proof, Multi-Powered, Pulse Input Flow Rate Meter / Totalizer
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