Precision Digital Announces Introduction of New Loop Leader Loop-Powered Meters

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ProVu and Prot-EX MAX Bright Displays

March 14, 2017 - Hopkinton, MA - Precision Digital Corporation, global leader in digital panel meters and control instrumentation, announced today the launch of a new line of loop-powered process meters and rate/totalizers. The new Loop Leader PD6600 series is unique among low-cost, two-wire, loop-powered indicators in that it features output options, such as dual solid-state relays, 4-20 mA isolated analog retransmission, and two open collector transistors, as well as advanced alarm and pump control features.

Using the solid-state relays or open collectors, the process meters can be utilized for single pump control or multi-pump alternation based on last run pump or a pump timer to share pump load. The rate/totalizers can display the total or grand total or function as batch controllers with start, stop, and pause functionality. All meters can provide alarming, with multiple alarm indication options such as a programmable red LCD backlight and alarm messages.

"Loop-powered indication has until now been lacking the advanced control features of more expensive line-powered meters," said Jeffrey Peters, President of Precision Digital Corporation. "The addition of solid state relay outputs to our latest line of Loop Leader digital panel meters means that they can be used to satisfy a larger number of indicator applications while also providing a reduced cost alternative pump controller."

The new Loop Leader meters are available with multiple display options depending on the application: decimal display (PD6602/PD6622), decimal display with bargraph (PD6604/PD6624), or feet and inches display for level applications (PD6603).

Availability & Pricing: Loop Leader series meters are available now.

PD6600 Process Meters start at $194 and PD6620 Rate/Totalizers start at $269.00.

PD6600 Process Meters:

PD6620 Rate/Totalizers:

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