Precision Digital's Newest ProVu: The PD6400 High Voltage & Current Meter

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January 17, 2015 - Precision Digital, global leader in digital display and control instrumentation for over four decades, today announced the arrival of the latest ProVu Family member, the PD6400 High Voltage and Current Meter. The 1/8 DIN PD6400 features reliable high voltage and current measurement in a user-configurable, dual-line display.

ProVu PD6400 High Voltage/High Current Meter
The PD6400 High Voltage and Current Meter measures voltage, current, and apparent power. The PD6400 includes independent current and voltage inputs that accept up to 300 V and 5 A, AC or DC. The PD6400 is NEMA 4X/IP65 rated for use either in a panel or in the field under harsh environmental conditions; the unit also carries CE approval and UL listing. The ProVu PD6400 exhibits easy-to-read LED digits and warning lights with adjustable brightness. The PD6400 includes field-selectable inputs and Modbus® capability (Slave), allowing seamless integration into existing networks.

"We regularly communicate with distributors, end users, and technicians in the field, which leads to the development of new products," said Jeffrey Peters, President of Precision Digital Corporation. "This exposed the need for a 1/8 DIN meter that could handle higher voltage and amperage in certain applications."

The ProVu PD6400 can be easily installed into virtually any application requiring high voltage measurement up to 300 volts, high current measurement up to 5 amps, or a measurement of apparent power. It can also accept current transformer inputs for even higher current measurements. AC or DC voltage or current can be measured, and are field-selectable. The displayed voltage, current, or apparent power level may be clearly labeled with a custom tag and unit. The voltage and current may be scaled to represent a different engineering unit. Programming the PD6400 is even easier with Free MeterView® Pro software, which streamlines meter setup and eliminates a lot of button pushing.

Options include up to four (4) relays, a 4-20 mA analog output, and dual 24 VDC power supplies. Expansion modules add an additional four (4) relays, two (2) 4-20 mA outputs, and eight (8) digital I/O.

Availability & Pricing

The ProVu PD6400 is available now. Prices start at just $424.

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