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Welcome to On Display, the Precision Digital Magazine.

Published quarterly, On Display includes useful information and articles for anyone in the process industry. In On Display, you will find articles, editorials, educational papers, case studies, sales and industry trends, best practices, and more. Discover a wealth of information that can benefit your applications, your operation, and your bottom line.

The articles inside of On Display are applicable to a broad audience that includes process instrumentation operators, engineers, distributors, OEMs, systems integrators, and others who work in the wide range of process industries from water and wastewater to oil & gas processing.

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Past Issues

In the Q4 2015 Issue:

On Display Q4 Cover

  • Reducing Signal Noise in Practice
  • Considering Ease-of-Use in Industrial Applications
  • ISA Alarm Sequencing in a Nutshell

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In the Q3 2015 Issue:

On Display Q3 Cover

  • Ground Loops and Non-Isolated Commons
  • The Value of Reassessing Old Solutions
  • Loop vs Line Power (Part 3)

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In the Q2 2015 Issue:

On Display Q2 Cover

  • Advanced Data Collection at Oil Fields
  • Fundamentals of Loop-Powered Devices (Part 2)
  • Hazardous Area Classifications

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In the Q1 2015 Issue:

On Display Q1 Cover

  • Modbus: A Pathway to Increased Productivity
  • Fundamentals of 4-20 mA Loops (Part 1)
  • Ex-Proof Meters Cross Over to Safe Areas

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