• The PDA1044 digital I/O external expansion module adds four digital inputs and four digital outputs to any ProVu meter. Up to two digital I/O expansion modules may be added to each meter, for a total of eight (8) additional digital inputs and outputs per meter. External digital inputs function similarly to the F4 digital input on most ProVu models. They can be configured to trigger events (e.g. acknowledge/reset alarms, reset max and/or min values, disable/enable all output relays), provide specific menu access, or mimic front keys. Digital outputs can be used to remotely monitor alarm relay states or the states of a variety of actions and functions executed by the meter.

  • The PDA1001 is a portable USB power bank that can conveniently provide power to the PD9502 signal generator. The internal UL Listed 1,800 mAh lithium-ion Grade A battery can power up the PD9502 for over 6 hours. The PDA1001 includes a USB to Micro USB cable which can be used to recharge the power bank or power up the PD9502.
  • The PD6060 is a member of the ProVu series of 1/8 DIN digital panel meters that accepts two inputs of either a process current (4-20 mA) or process voltage (0-5V, 1-5V, etc.) signal. It displays these signals on a dual line, 6-digit display that is available with an optional Sunbright® sunlight readable LEDs. The meter can be customized such that these two inputs are displayed in a variety of ways, including both at the same time with tags or the result of math functions performed on one or both of the inputs. Like all ProVu meters, the PD6060 includes UL / C-UL listing and CE marking, a NEMA 4X front, and AC or DC power options. The PD6060 can also be equipped with up to four internal relays, a 4-20 mA analog output, and Modbus® serial communications. The PD6060 includes a 24 V DC power supply to drive the transmitters. ProVu meters can be programmed via the front panel pushbuttons or free MeterView® Pro software.

    Why you should buy:
  • The Vantageview PD6700 is one of Precision Digital's most advanced and feature-packed plastic, field-mounted, loop-powered indicators. The fact that this meter is loop-powered means that there is no need to run additional, costly power lines. The PD6700 is built in a NEMA 4X and IP65 rated plastic enclosure which can stand up to even the harshest environmental conditions. It features a dual-line display that can be easily scaled in the field for any 4-20 mA analog input. The display has a five digit upper display, a seven alpha-numeric character lower display, and comes with a backlight standard. Two features that really make the PD6700 stand out are its wide viewing angle display and SafeTouch® through-window buttons. These buttons allow the meter to be programmed and operated through the cover window, thus eliminating the need to remove the cover in dirty or wet environments.

    Why you should buy:
    • NEMA 4X/IP65 Enclosure
    • Loop-Powered
    • Level Indication Bargraph Display
  • The PD6300 is a member of the ProVu series of 1/8 DIN digital panel meters that is specifically designed to display flow rate and total from a pulse output (NPN, PNP, TTL, switch contact, sine wave, etc.) flowmeter. It displays that signal on a dual-line, 6-digit display that is available with optional Sunbright® sunlight readable LEDs. Flow rate is typically displayed on the upper line and the cumulative total is displayed on the lower line. The total overflow feature allows up to a 9-digit total and grand total to be displayed. Like all ProVu meters, the PD6300 includes UL / C-UL listing and CE marking, a NEMA 4X front, and AC or DC power options. ProVu meters can be equipped with up to four internal relays, a 4-20 mA output, and Modbus® RTU serial communications. The PD6300 includes a 24 VDC power supply to drive the flowmeter and can be programmed via the front panel pushbuttons or free MeterView® Pro software.

    Why you should buy:
  • Go with the Helios PD2-6300 when you want to display both flow rate and total at the same time from a pulse output flowmeter. The PD2-6300 can display both flow rate and total in six full digits and can also be configured to display non-resettable grand total. The PD2-6300's NEMA 4X enclosure, super bright LEDs, and wide operating temperature range make it perfect for outdoor applications.




    Why you should buy:
    • Large Dual Line Display
    • Displays Flow Rate and Total
    • Pulse Input
  • Go with the Helios PD2-6060 when you need a large display meter to display two 4-20 mA inputs on one meter. Both of these inputs can be displayed on six full digits and each transmitter is provided with its own 24 VDC transmitter power supply. The PD2-6060 can also perform a variety of math functions on those two inputs, such as computing the difference between them or summing them together.




    Why you should buy:
  • Transform a Precision Digital panel meter housed in an enclosure into an efficient display, control, and alarm system with the MOD-LH series.

    It provides a light/horn to boost visibility of alarm conditions, a button that connects to the meter's digital input to control or reset the alarms, and hole drilling on the enclosure for both the light/horn and button to make user installation and wiring quick and easy.

    What's Included

    Check mark Light/Horn


    Check mark Button

    Button and 9 Labels

    Check mark Enclosure Drilling

    Hole Drilling on Enclosure

    X mark Meter


    X mark Enclosure


    X mark Installation

    Installation and Wiring

    Meter and enclosure sold separately. User installation and wiring required.

    Why you should buy:
    • Boost Visibility of Alarm Conditions
    • Compatible with Most Precision Digital Meters & Controllers
    • Compatible with Most Precision Digital Enclosures
  • Go with the Helios PD2-6100 when you have a weighing application where you need to read the display from a distance, or outside in the bright sunlight in temperatures between -40 to 150°F. The PD2-6100 tare feature can be used to remove the weight of the container from the weight calculation. You can even re-transmit the weight signal with the PD2-6100's optional 4-20 mA output.





    Why you should buy:
    • Large Dual Line Display
    • Load Cell and mV
    • Dual Scale Weight and Volume
  • The PD6908-GP loop-powered process meter and PD6907-GP feet & inches level meter include a NEMA 4X, IP66 plastic enclosure and can be installed in a variety of harsh operating environments to provide convenient and informative display of any 4-20 mA signal. One of the most convenient features of these instruments is their dual-line display which is typically used to display the process variable on the 5-character alphanumeric top display and the units of measure or a tag on the 8-character alphanumeric bottom display. The feet & inches models display level in feet and inches on the top display and the bottom 8-character alphanumeric display can be used to display a tag or custom message.

    The VantageView+'s 14-segment alphanumeric characters on the bottom display line provide a much clearer indication of tags, units, or alarm messages than 7-segment characters do.

    Further enhancing the display on these instruments is a 20-segment bargraph.

    The four CapTouch through-window buttons located on the front of the meter provide a convenient way to operate the meter without removing the cover.

    Free, PC-based, MeterView XL software that connects to the meter via a micro USB cable is available for programming and setup of the meters.


    Why you should buy:
    • Dual-Line Backlit LCD Display
    • Operate to -40°C; Install to -55°C
    • Loop-Powered
    • Plastic NEMA 4X Enclosure
    • Flashing Red Display / Message on Alarm
    • CapTouch Through-Window Programming
    • 1.5 Volt Drop
    • Free Programming Software
    • Bargraph or Feet & Inches Display
    • Discrete and Analog Output Options