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  • PDA2600 stainless steel, NEMA 4X enclosures feature a hinged door in which meters are mounted so all programming and operational functions are available without opening the enclosure. The PDA2600 can house between one and six meters in either horizontal or vertical orientation. A dual orientation enclosure for two 1/8 DIN devices is also available. Enclosures and meters are ordered and packaged separately.

  • The PD9000-ENC enclosures provides a convenient way to mount the PD9000 ConsoliDator+ to walls and other vertical structures. The enclosures are available in various sizes and materials with the larger enclosures capable of housing other pieces of equipment. The PDA2909, PDA2919, and PDA2929 are made of painted steel and rated NEMA 4 and include a hinged door with screwed latches. The PDA1909 and PDA1939 are made of plastic and rated NEMA 4X and include a hinged door with hasps. All the ConsoliDator+ enclosures come pre-cut with one cutout to mount the PD9000 in. The ConsoliDator+ is mounted in the door of the enclosure thus allowing for programming and operation of the device. For the PDA3939, the ConsoliDator+ is mounted in a hinged sub-panel door secured with thumb screws and is fully enclosed by a clear hinged front door with a hasp. No additional mounting hardware other than screws to mount to the wall is needed. The enclosures and ConsoliDator+ are ordered and packaged separately. A 2-inch pipe mounting kit is available to mount the enclosures to a 2-inch pipe.
    ConsoliDator+ (Sold Separately)