• The Loop Leader PD6600 is an ATEX, IECEx approved, and UL listed, intrinsically safe and nonincendive, loop-powered, 1/8 DIN process meter. A dual-line display featuring five digits on the top line and eight digits on the bottom line, preprogrammed engineering units, loop-powered backlight with a unique red backlight option for alarm conditions, and optional bargraph display (PD6608) or feet & inches display (PD6607) provide a clear and attractive presentation of the process. All models come equipped with two open collector outputs and are available with two solid state relays and a 4-20 mA analog output. These outputs can be programmed for alarm indication, signal retransmission via pulse or analog signal, pump control, and a number of other useful features. The fact that this meter is loop-powered means that there is no need to run additional, costly power lines; the meter gets all of the power it needs from the 4-20 mA loop. The Loop Leader loop-powered process meter is built in a shallow-depth case with a IP65 front and features loop-powered backlighting and a wide -40 to 158°F (-40 to 70°C) operating temperature range. It doesn't matter if it's hazardous areas, indoors or outdoors, in bright sunlight or a dimly lit plant, or in an area that is wet, dirty, hot, or cold, the Loop Leader can go just about anywhere.

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  • The PDA8006 Trident USB serial adapter is the perfect adapter to use with the Trident when the only serial communication required is for MeterView running on a PC. It is the least costly option as well. USB and meter to adapter cables are included.

  • The SuperNova PD500 Series of PID Process & Temperature Controllers is a complete line of PID and on/off controllers. Available in popular 1/4, 1/8, and 1/16 DIN sizes, and with a shallow depth behind panel of only 2.5" (63 mm) it is easy to fit into almost any panel, product, or enclosure. Voltage, current (with external resistor), and direct temperature thermocouple and RTD inputs make it an excellent choice for any control application requiring easy to change, visible set points. This modern line of controllers shows the process variable (PV), set value (SV), and manipulated value (output level%, MV) on a striking reverse polarity LCD screen. Indicators for units (˚C, ˚F,%, or none) Auto and manual control modes can be easily changed by holding two buttons, and this is indicated on the front panel to make it easy for operators to know how to use this feature. Main control outputs can be 4-20 mA (SCR), voltage pulse (SSR), or relay outputs. A secondary relay control output is standard, which allow for one or two direction SV control (i.e., heating and cooling). Additional outputs may include two SPST alarm relays and a 4-20 mA retransmit output. Other options include a secondary 4-20 mA input to remotely control the set point, and RS-485 for Modbus communication. A mini-USB port may be used for a direct PC connection to run the SuperNova software for monitoring, programming, and data logging. This USB port is located on the rear behind the panel for PD510 1/16 DIN models, and on the front behind a rubber tab on PD520 and PD530 1/8 and 1/4 DIN models.
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    • Auto-Tuning PID Controller
    • Temperature and Process Inputs
    • Heating & Cooling
  • The PDA2360 series of plastic control stations provide a convenient way to remotely control devices such as Precision Digital’s digital meters and controllers. For instance, there is a four-position control station that mimics the ProVu and Helios’s four buttons: Menu, Right Arrow, Up Arrow, and Enter. There are other control stations that can be used to reset the total, acknowledge relays, set a tare, and run a batch process. There are even control stations with no text on the buttons that can be used for any purpose the user requires. An emergency stop control station is also available. The control stations come pre-assembled with 1 to 4 Normally Open (NO) red, green, yellow, or black pushbuttons. Knockouts on the top and bottom of the enclosure are provided for convenient wiring and two mounting holes on the back of the enclosure make it easy for wall mounting.
  • PDA-SSTAG is a laser etched stainless steel tag accessory for any of your precision digital meters. The tag features custom text for equipment identification, instruction, or whatever else is needed in your facility. Each tag comes with a stainless steel wire and lead seal for easy mounting wherever you need it.

  • The PDA1000 is simple panel mounted buzzer and light that provides a convenient way to indicate alarm conditions on Precision Digial meters and other devices.
  • The PD6200 is a member of the ProVu series of 1/8 DIN digital panel meters that is specifically designed to display flow rate and total from an analog output (4-20 mA, 0-5 V, 1-5 V, etc.) flowmeter. It displays that signal on a dual-line, 6-digit display that is available with optional Sunbright® sunlight readable LEDs. Flow rate is typically displayed on the upper line and the cumulative total is displayed on the lower line. The total overflow feature allows up to a 9-digit total and grand total to be displayed. Like all ProVu meters, the PD6200 includes UL / C-UL listing and CE marking, a NEMA 4X front, and AC or DC power options. ProVu meters can be equipped with up to four internal relays, a 4-20 mA output, and Modbus® RTU serial communications. The PD6200 includes a 24 VDC power supply to drive the flowmeter and can be programmed via the front panel pushbuttons or free MeterView® Pro software.

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  • The ProtEX-Pro PD6800 is one of Precision Digital's most advanced and feature-packed explosion-proof, loop-powered indicators. The fact that this meter is loop-powered means that there is no need to run additional, costly power lines into a hazardous area. Like all ProtEX products, the PD6800 carries FM, CSA, ATEX, and IECEx approvals for use in hazardous areas. It features a dual-line display that can be easily scaled in the field for any 4-20 mA analog input. The display has a five digit upper display, a seven alpha-numeric character lower display, and is available with a twenty-segment bar graph for level applications. Two features that really make the PD6800 stand out are its wide viewing angle display and SafeTouch® through-glass buttons. These buttons allow the PD6800 to be programmed and operated through the glass, thus eliminating the need to remove the cover in a hazardous area.

  • The PDA1500 High VAC/VDC to Logic Level Converter is an easy to use DIN rail mounted device for converting high voltage signals into logic level signals for use as a digital input to a wide range of process control and display equipment.