• The PDD9000 ConsoliDator+ demonstrator has everything you need to show off all its great features. This versatile multi-channel controller comes with a signal generator, so you can simulate almost any application and see it in action. The PDD9000 demo is also equipped with a light/horn on the top of the unit to show indication of alarming conditions. Simply connect the demo unit to a PC with the included USB cable and utilize the free ConsoliDator+ configuration software. The PDD9000 demo has built-in feet to stabilize the unit while showing it. It also has a protective carrying case making it convenient and easy for transporting around.

    Demo Kit Includes: PDD9000 ConsoliDator+ multivariable controller, PD9502 signal generator, PDA-LH light/horn, USB cable for software PC connection, Ethernet cable for internet, built-in feet for stability, and protective storage case

  • The PD659 series includes DIN mountable models for signal isolation, splitting and conditioning of 4-20 mA and 0-10 VDC signals. As signal isolators, they provide a convenient way to isolate the input signal from the power source and output signal. As splitters, they split one 4-20 mA input into two isolated 4-20 mA outputs. As signal conditioners, they convert either a 4-20 mA input to a 0-10 VDC output or a 0-10 VDC input to a 4-20 mA output.
  • The ProtEX-MAX PD8-6080 Super Snooper Modbus scanner offers all the functionality of the ProVu PD6080 as a CSA, ATEX, and IECEx certified explosion-proof product. It is available in an aluminum or stainless steel enclosure and will operate over a wide temperature range of -55 to 65°C (-67 to 149°F). It is a multi-purpose display and controller capable of scanning up to 16 process variables and includes dual analog process inputs. The scanner can be programmed as a Modbus RTU master, slave, or snooper. It is the ideal display for Modbus multivariable transmitters or for existing Modbus networks with transmitters in need of a conveniently located display in a hazardous area. As a master, the PD8-6080 can read up to 16 Modbus registers on up to 16 Modbus devices and automatically alternate each of these process variables (PVs) on the dual-line display along with a unit and tag for each. In snooper mode, the scanner can read any Modbus variables being polled by a master, which allows you to easily add a display into an existing Modbus network. Powerful math functions may be applied to the analog or Modbus inputs, such as addition, difference, average, and ratio. The PD8-6080 can be equipped with four internal relays and a 4-20 mA output. It can be programmed and operated without opening the housing by using the built-in CapTouch through-glass buttons.

  • The PD9000-ENC enclosures provides a convenient way to mount the PD9000 ConsoliDator+ to walls and other vertical structures. The enclosures are available in various sizes and materials with the larger enclosures capable of housing other pieces of equipment. The PDA2909, PDA2919, and PDA2929 are made of painted steel and rated NEMA 4 and include a hinged door with screwed latches. The PDA1909 and PDA1939 are made of plastic and rated NEMA 4X and include a hinged door with hasps. All the ConsoliDator+ enclosures come pre-cut with one cutout to mount the PD9000 in. The ConsoliDator+ is mounted in the door of the enclosure thus allowing for programming and operation of the device. For the PDA3939, the ConsoliDator+ is mounted in a hinged sub-panel door secured with thumb screws and is fully enclosed by a clear hinged front door with a hasp. No additional mounting hardware other than screws to mount to the wall is needed. The enclosures and ConsoliDator+ are ordered and packaged separately. A 2-inch pipe mounting kit is available to mount the enclosures to a 2-inch pipe.
    ConsoliDator+ (Sold Separately)
  • The Vigilante® II PD150 alarm annunciator provides alarming and monitoring capabilities for all of your level, pressure, flow, and other process switches. These alarm annunciators are available in two models; the PD154 has four (4) inputs and the PD158 has eight (8) inputs. Each model accepts inputs from relays, float switches, digital outputs, and many other discrete (on/off) devices. It can be field programmed for all common ISA alarm sequences including first out indication and provide alarm signaling through front panel LEDs and a built in 85 dB horn. It features a NEMA 4X front, 2 SPDT relays for alarm activated devices, wide operating temperature range, and sunlight viewable alarm indicators. Custom printed message labels can be included with your order at no additional charge.

    Why you should buy:
    • 1/8 DIN Panel Mount
    • 4 or 8-Point Monitoring
    • All Common ISA Sequences
  • The PD662 NEMA 4X, CSA Certified loop-powered meter is perfect
    for applications where a simple, inexpensive display is required
    and AC power is not available. The PD662 derives all its power
    from the 4-20 mA loop, including its optional backlight feature. It
    can be easily scaled in the field using four push buttons; with or
    without applying an actual calibration signal. The PD662’s display
    will read up to 2999; we call this 3½+ digits! The PD662 is housed
    in a rugged NEMA 4X enclosure and is provided with one ½" NPT
    pipe conduit hole.

    Why you should buy: