PDA2800 enclosures are low-cost, compact, NEMA 4X plastic enclosures that will house various Precision Digital meters. The cover is held in place with four screws and a hole is provided for a 1/2" conduit connection. A dual orientation enclosure for two 1/8 DIN devices is also available. Enclosures and meters are ordered and packaged separately.


  • Low-Cost Plastic NEMA 4X
  • Thermoplastic Polyester
  • Houses up to 2 Meters
  • Horizontal or Vertical Cutouts


Dimensions: Inch (mm)
Material: Plastic
Color: Gray
Ratings: NEMA 4X

Model # of
Meter Type Overall Outside Dimensions
(H x W x D)
PDA2801 1 C or D 3.2 x 6.4 x 3.5

(82 x 162 x 90)
0.60 (0.27)
PDA2811 1 A, B, C, D, or E 5.9 x 7.9 x 6.3
(150 x 200 x 160)
1.75 (0.79)
PDA2812 2 1.70 (0.77)
PDA2821 2 (1) A, B, C, or E + (1) D 11 x 7.5 x 7.1
(190 x 280 x 180)
2.80 (1.27)

No diagrams or applications available for this product.

PDS178 Watchdog Scanner Temperature & Process System

The Watchdog Temperature Scanning & Alarm System brings together a popular combination of Precision Digital products: the Trident meter, the Minimux II Scanner, and a PDA2821 NEMA 4X enclosure. The scanner provides low-cost automatic switching for multipoint display and alarms. Signal switching is done via reed relays making the Watchdog (as configured) ideal for switching up to eight thermocouple or RTD inputs. The Watchdog can be used in a variety of temperature monitoring applications.

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