• The PDA9232-02 RS-232 computer cable is an RS-232 serial communications cable used with the ConsoliDator series of multi-channel controllers.

  • Go with the Helios PD2-6080 when you have multiple, (up to 16), Modbus registers you want to display on a single large display meter. The PD2-6080 can also accept two 4-20 mA signals. The PD2-6080 can be programmed as a Modbus RTU Master, Slave or Snooper allowing it to work in just about any Modbus application. Typically, the upper line displays the PV and the lower line displays the tag.





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  • Go with the Helios PD2-6081 when you have a level application involving Modbus signals and you prefer to display in feet and inches instead of the more common decimal format. The PD2-6081 can display up to 16 modbus registers so a typical application might be 16 tank levels, 8 tank levels and 8 interface levels, or 5 tank levels, 5 interface levels and 5 temperatures. The PD2-6081 makes a great outdoor tank side indicator because its display is bright enough to read in direct sunlight and it will operate from -40 to 150°F.




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  • The PDWM-2RY Relays Option Module is designed specifically for the PDW30 primary/secondary units and the PDW90 field units. The PDWM-2RY includes two Form A (SPST) relays. The module is easily installed by the user into the base of the enclosure with the four screws provided. The removable connector plugs make wiring easy.

  • Go with the Helios PD2-6363 when you want to display two pulse flowmeter inputs on one meter you can see from a distance. Both of these inputs can be displayed on six full digits and each flowmeter is provided with its own DC power supply. The PD2-6363 can also perform a variety of math functions on those two inputs, such as computing the difference between them or summing them together. One application for the PD6363 is determining fuel consumption by computing the difference between two flowmeter inputs.



    Why you should buy:
    • Large Dual Line Display
    • Dual Pulse Rate Inputs
    • Math Functions
  • The PDWA6963-SS provides a convenient way to mount one PDW30 primary/secondary, PDWR repeater, or PDW90 field unit to a horizontal or vertical 1.5" or 2" pipe such that the antenna is not right on top of the metal pipe. The mounting kit is made from stainless steel and includes all necessary hardware to mount the PDW Field Unit to the pipe.
  • The PDA7232 Trident RS-232 serial adapter converts the serial output of the PD765 Trident meter to an unbalanced, full-duplex RS-232 signal. Since it is an external device, one PDA7232 in conjunction with free MeterView software can be used to program and calibrate any number of Trident meters.