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Issue #20 • October 2017

White Paper

Jo Ryan, VP of Sales and Marketing at Precision Digital

Few things are as ubiquitous in the process control industry as the need to measure the level of a process material in a container. Whether that material is water, waste water, petroleum, sugar, or any other form of liquid or solid, level measurement accuracy can be a determining factor in both profit margins and safety. On December 11th 2005, malfunctioning level gauges were partially responsible for a massive explosion at the Hertfordshire Oil Storage Terminal in Hertfordshire, England. According to the Health and Safety Executive that investigated the blast, "the tank was full, but gauges and safety devices did not work."1 A high level switch that should have detected the petrol level and cut off flow to the tank failed to operate and workers didn't notice that the tank was overflowing.2 This resulted in a 32-hour inferno which injured 43 people and left many families homeless.

News & Information

Helios UL approved
The Helios Large Display and Controller is now UL and C-UL approved. With its NEMA 4X, IP65 rating, it can operate in the harshest of weather conditions like rain, snow and sleet. It can also withstand windblown materials such as dust, lint, fibers, and dirt. Not only is the Helios well protected from the elements, but is has a whopping 1.8 inch display with super-luminous LEDs readable from up to 100 feet away. This makes it ideal for outdoor applications in bright sunlight. Learn more about the Helios Series.

Helios UL approved
Starting 11/1/17, a number of Precision Digital products will be receiving a price adjustment. New prices will go live online at on 11/1/17. In the meantime, the new pricing is available in our newest edition of our published PDF and excel price lists, available online here.

Did you know the The ProVu, Helios, and ProtEX-MAX all do the same thing? Yes. In fact, they all program the same way using Meterview Pro USB software, have the same inputs and outputs, and all can be used for the same applications. So, whatever your need – a panel meter for a control room, a large display meter for reading from far away in bright sunlight, or an explosion-proof meter for a hazardous area, Precision Digital can provide you with the right display and controller for your application. See more details on how the ProVu, Helios, and ProtEX-MAX families are alike.

Helios UL approved
One of the most powerful features of the ProVu is its ability to power a 24 VDC powered transmitter. This makes for easy wiring, and lower cost installations, by eliminating the need for an external 24 VDC power supply. Most ProVu models come standard with this 24 VDC supply. Learn how to use this supply in this short, 1 minute video.

Predig Website
Take advantage of PREDIG.COM's many web features to help you get the best buying experience possible when looking for process instrumentation. From searching for products and site content to selecting the right meter and enclosure has made it easier than ever to find the information and products you need. Check out our redesigned video page where you are one click away from watching a video from a number of categories such as new videos, ProVu videos, how-to videos, and many more. Our redesigned webinar page allows you to register for webinars or watch past webinars, and even download the presentation slides. We also improved the navigation bar to give you a choice of search model number if you know the model number of the product, or just search site content if you are looking for specific content on the website. For your convenience, we even added a print shopping cart feature in the navigation bar as well. Just click on the printer icon to the right of the shopping cart. See more details on our web features.

Stainless Stell Tags
Precision Digital's PDA-SSTAG is a laser etched stainless steel tag accessory for any of your precision digital meters. The tag features custom text for equipment identification, instruction, or whatever else is needed in your facility. Tags come complete with lead seal and wire, perfect for securing them to field mounted process instrumentation. Precision Digital offers custom laser engraved stainless steel tags through a convenient and easy online ordering system. The online form makes it easy to enter the text you want engraved on the tag – up to 46 characters over three lines. Order your engraved Stainless Steel Tags here.

Featured Product
Helios Is Now UL and C-UL Approved

Featured Video

What sets the Helios apart from other large display meters is its dual line display with super bright LEDs that can be read even in bright sunlight and up to 100 feet away. Based on Precision Digital's popular line of ProVu® digital panel meters, the Helios can satisfy a wide variety of level, flow, temperature, pressure, & weight applications. Watch the video here.

In The Next Issue...

  • New Loop Leader loop powered panel meters receive ATEX and IECEx approval: Available mid-November. UL approval underway