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Issue #23 • June 2018

A Message From Sales

Joe Ryan, VP of Sales and Marketing at Precision Digital
Precision Digital is proud to announce that our NEW 2018 Catalog is now available. This catalog provides a quick reference for our wide range of products, sorted by input type or application to make it easy to see all of your available options. For those who design, repair, or modify process instrumentation systems, this is a convenient tool to have available, or just to look through to quickly see our new products.

This new catalog contains our safe and hazardous area approved Loop Leader PD6600 Series, our Helios PD2 large display meters, the new Intrinsically Safe PD685, and the PDW Industrial Wireless Systems.

If you'd like to have a printed copy of our catalog, please request one here. If you'd prefer to see our new products online, you can check out the What's New page on our website, here.

News & Information

Loop Leader Approvals
Precision Digital is pleased to announce its release of the new 2018 Catalog. This year, the catalog is organized by input type, allowing similar meters for different applications to be shown side-by-side. Application pages found throughout the catalog give examples of ways to use our products. See what's new and read through our product overview to learn about all the types of products we offer. Every catalog also includes a colorful 17x22 poster of our most popular product lines shown in actual size! As always, you can request more copies or download the PDF version from

With the recent launch of the New Loop Leader, the price of the older loop-powered panel meters is going to increase substantially and they will be discontinued when supplies are exhausted. The affected older models are the PD683, PD684, PD688, and PD689 loop-powered panel meters. New pricing on these models is effective 7/1/18. We will currently sell these meters for as long as supply of meters and components allows. However, we strongly recommend all our customers plan on moving to the new models immediately. The New Loop Leader PD6600 series is a lower cost, superior display, with many new features. The dual-line LCD, multiple display options, red backlight, solid-state relays, and two open collectors are just a few of the many features making it a no brainer when it comes to replacing your old loop-powered meter. See the comparisons of the old and new Loop Leader here.

Helios UL approved
Precision Digital manufactures a wide range of rugged meters and controllers designed for quick and easy display of a variety of process signals in harsh or hazardous areas. These signals include 4-20 mA, 0-10 V, strain gauge, pulse, thermocouple and RTD. Our hazardous-area instruments are approved by FM, CSA, ATEX, and IECEx as explosion-proof, intrinsically safe, and nonincendive. Many of our explosion-proof models feature SafeTouch® through-glass buttons which ensure safe operation without the need to remove the cover. Intrinsically safe, loop-powered instruments derive their operating power from the 4-20 mA current loop with a relatively low voltage drop, preventing the need to run additional, costly power lines into the hazardous area. See our side-by-side guide to learn more about our hazardous area products.

Helios UL approved
MeterView XL is a free, PC-based software that connects to the Loop Leader with the provided micro USB cable. It is designed for programming and setup of the new Loop Leader process meters and rate/totalizers. This software greatly simplifies the programming process and also allows the user to save configuration files for later use. The meter is also powered by the USB connection so no additional power is needed during programming. See more details on MeterView XL here.

Helios UL approved
Last month Precision Digital conducted a webinar on the New Loop Leader process meters and rate totalizers. If you missed our live webinar, you can still see the recorded version at and also download the original slide presentation. After watching this webinar, you will learn when to use loop-powered over line-powered, where and how you can install the Loop Leader, what display type works best for you, and how the Loop Leader satisfies specific applications. You will also see how the free MeterView XL USB software simplifies the programming process on the Loop Leader. Watch the webinar now or download the presentation.

Featured Product
Hazardous Area Products

Featured Video

Loop powered indicators have until now lacked advanced control features. The Loop Leader Series radically improves and expands the functionality expected from a loop powered indicator without sacrificing cost-efficiency, ease-of-use, or voltage drop. These loop powered indicators offer advanced features that allow them to handle a wider range of process control applications. Watch the video here.

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