Side-By-Side Guide to Hazardous Area Products

Side-by-Side Guide To Hazardous Area Products

Precision Digital manufactures a wide range of rugged meters and controllers designed for quick and easy display of a variety of process signals in harsh or hazardous areas. These signals include 4-20 mA, 0-10 V, strain gauge, pulse, thermocouple and RTD. Our hazardous-area instruments are approved by FM, CSA, ATEX, and IECEx as explosion-proof, intrinsically safe, and nonincendive. Many of our explosion-proof models feature SafeTouch® through-glass buttons which ensure safe operation without the need to remove the cover. Intrinsically safe, loop-powered instruments derive their operating power from the 4-20 mA current loop with a relatively low voltage drop, preventing the need to run additional, costly power lines into the hazardous area. See our side-by-side guide below to learn more about our hazardous area products.

 Hazardous Area
Hazardous Area
Hazardous Area
Input4-20 mA4-20 mA, strain gauge, pulse, thermocouple, RTD and Modbus4-20 mA
ProtectionIntrinsically Safe and NonincendiveExplosion-ProofIntrinsically Safe and Nonincendive
Agency ApprovalsATEX, UL, C-UL, and CEATEX, CE, FM, CSA, and IECExATEX, CE, FM, and CSA
MountingPanel MountField MountField Mount
Starting Price$319.00$404.00$339.00
Key Features● 1.5 Volt Drop
● Wide Operating Temp Range
● NEMA 4X Front Panel
● Loop-Powered Backlight
● Red Backlight for Alarms
● Alphanumeric Tag Names
● Shallow Depth Enclosure
● 2 Open Collector Outputs
● Solid-State Relays
● Conformal Coated PCBs
● 3 Volt Drop
● Wide Operating Temp Range
● Wide Viewing Angle
● Alphanumeric Lower Display
● Backlight Standard
● IP68, NEMA 4X Enclosure
● Flanges for Wall or Pipe Mounting
● SafeTouch Through-Glass Buttons
● Conformal Coated PCBs
● 1 Volt Drop
● Wide Operating Temp Range
● Big, East-to-Read Display
● Simplified Wiring
● 1.5" Conduit Hole (Bottom)
● Simple Zero & Span Adjustments
● NEMA 4X IP67 Enclosure
● Conformal Coated PCBs