Indicator: December 2016

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Issue #15 • December 2016

It's About Information, Not Measurement

Simon Paonessa, Technical Writer at Precision Digital

No one buys a level transmitter, flow meter, thermocouple, RTD, or pressure transmitter because they want a sensor. Process operators buy them because they want to know information. They consider the process variable they are measuring to be critical, need to know information; the sensor is just a tool to get that information. Precision Digital display are just one more tool used to get at that critical data. As one of our distributors recently said to us, “I don’t sell things to measure a process, I sell access to information.”

News & Information

Level Measurement Technologies In The Process Control Industry
Few things are as ubiquitous in the process control industry as the need to measure the level of a process material in a container. Whether that material is water, waste water, petroleum, sugar, or any other form of liquid or solid, level measurement accuracy can be a determining factor in both profit margins and safety. Because of the importance of accurate level measurement and the myriad of different process materials requiring level measurement, an almost equal number of unique methods for detecting level have been developed. Selecting the correct level measurement technique for a particular application can seem like a daunting task in the face of so many options. All level measurement systems rely upon certain characteristics of the process material, such as density, capacitance, temperature, etc., and each has its own particular advantages and disadvantages. It is important to understand the fundamental mechanics of the level measurement technologies being considered in order to correctly specify the appropriate method (or methods in the case of redundant systems) for the application. Reprinted here by popular demand. Originally published May, 2016.

How to MEASURE FLOW RATE with Level Sensors
The ProVu® and select ProtEX-MAX™ Series process meters have been enhanced with a couple of great new features that will make monitoring and controlling your process easier to read and more convenient to set up and program. Along with these new product features, Precision Digital has added a few new online resources. Hosted by Joe Ryan, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Precision Digital, you will get an in-depth look at these great new features and more. If you missed this webinar the first time around you can see the recorded video here.

After watching the video, you will learn about:
  • Precision Digital's Brightest Display Ever
  • Convenient Onboard USB Programming
  • New Online Resources including Online Distributor Discounting and 3D CAD Drawing Download

If you would like to schedule an exclusive webinar just for your company at a convenient time, please contact Devin at [email protected] and he will be happy to set one up for you.

See Tank Level The Way You Want To... In Feet & Inches
Precision Digital offers a variety of rugged enclosures that provide a high degree of protection against harsh operating environments. Selecting the right enclosure can be a hassle when trying to figuring out dimensions and spacing for your meter cutouts. That's why Precision Digital has created an Enclosure Selection Utility. This easy 3-step process makes it simple and convenient for selecting the right enclosure and configuration for your meters. Choose up to 10 meters for a variety of different enclosures including rugged thermoplastic material, stainless steel, or steel. The enclosure selection utility is located at under the browse products menu or on each individual enclosure product page.

Be Ready for the Summer Sun with Sunlight Readable Displays
Precision Digital's PDW30 is a point-to-point wireless bridge that gives you a simple, straightforward way to get an analog, discrete, or Modbus signal from where you have it to where you need it. It is packaged in a rugged, weather tight housing designed to meet the demands of industrial installations. The PDW90 is a rugged, customizable, point-to-multipoint wireless bridge. It offers a highly-flexible means of getting an analog, digital, or Modbus® signal from where you have it to where you need it. Modular input/output cards and expandable field units mean that the PDW90 can be customized to meet the needs of any wireless application.

Featured Product
ProtEX PD6801 Feet And Inches Level Meter

Featured Video

Vigilante II Annunciator Video
MeterView® Pro software is designed for ProVu, ProtEX-MAX, or Helios Series meters and allows users to remotely program, monitor, and datalog using a PC. MVP is easily installed from the onboard USB connection and makes complete meter configuration simple and fast. Watch video here.

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