It’s About Information, Not Measurement

"Precision Digital displays are just one more tool used to get at that critical data."

No one buys a level transmitter, flow meter, thermocouple, RTD, or pressure transmitter because they want a sensor. Process operators buy them because they want to know information. They consider the process variable they are measuring to be critical, need to know information; the sensor is just a tool to get that information. Precision Digital displays are just one more tool used to get at that critical data. As one of our distributors recently said to us, "I don't sell things to measure a process, I sell access to information."

This is an important concept to remember when building a process system. Do you really have access to the

information you want, or do you just have a sensor? A level transmitter on the top of the tank is not a very useful display to get that information to an operator on the group. A flow meter above eye level, or in a dark place within a web of pipes, does to get the critical information to whoever needs to know it. That is the role Precision Digital displays play in the process.

The next time you are buying a transmitter, specifying a system, or selling a solution, remember, you are not just picking a sensor; you are trying to get information. Make sure are getting that information to the people who need it, not just measuring it.