New Wireless Products Coming Soon

Precision Digital Wireless Bridge System

With Precision Digital's new PDW Wireless System there is no more running miles of wires and conduit over and around obstacles throughout your industrial plant. Save on time, man power, and cost by simply connecting up your transmitters and displays to a Precision Digital wireless unit. It's never been easier to get your critical information from where it is to where you need it.

PDW30 Point to Point Wireless System

The PDW30 gives you a simple, straightforward way to get an analog, discrete, or Modbus® signal from where you have it to where you need it.


  • Signal Wire Replacement in a Rugged, Industrial Housing
  • Inputs and Outputs on Both Field Units
  • Simple to Order, Configure, & Install
  • 1 Mile Line-of-Sight, 500 Ft Indoor Range
  • Inputs: Analog (4-20 mA, 0-10 V, 0-5 V, 1-5 V), Digital, and RS485 Modbus Communications
  • Outputs: Analog (4-20 mA), Digital, and RS485 Modbus® Communications
  • Remote or Attached Antenna
  • Repeaters Available
  • Flanges for Wall or Pipe Mounting
  • Software Available for Even Easier Setup
  • NEMA 4X, IP68 Enclosure
PDW30 Point to Point Wireless Primary and Secondary Units
PDW90 Point to Multi-point Wireless System
PDW90 Wireless Base Station and Field Units

The PDW90 is a rugged, customizable, point-to-multipoint wireless system. It offers a highly-flexible means of wirelessly consolidating all of your analog, digital, or Modbus® signals to a central location. Modular input/output cards and expandable field units mean that the PDW90 can be customized to meet the needs of any wireless application.


  • Point to Multi-Point Signal Wire Replacement
  • Simple to Configure Using PDW Manager Programming
  • Software and Onboard USB
  • Range: 1 Mile Line-of-Sight, 500 Ft Indoor

Base Station

  • Rugged Plastic NEMA 4X Field Enclosure
  • Field or Wall Mounted
  • RS-485 Modbus Standard
  • Up to 16 Dual Input/Output Expansion Cards
  • Analog Input, Analog Output, Relay Output, and Digital I/O Cards Available

Field Units

  • Analog Input and Output, Four Digital I/O, and RS-485 Modbus® Standard
  • Remote or Attached Antenna
  • Flanges for Wall or Pipe Mounting
  • NEMA 4X, IP68 Enclosure

Base Station Modules

Four types of modules allow you to customize and add functionality to the PDW90 base station. They are easy to install and the PDW90 is expandable up to 16 modules.

  • Easy to Install and Adds Functionality
  • Dual Analog Inputs Module
  • Dual Analog Outputs Module
  • Digital I/O Module
  • Dual Relays Module
PDW90 Base Station Modules
Four types of modules available
PDW90 Wireless Base Station Open
PDW90 base station expandable up to 16 modules
PDW30-RNA Wireless Repeaters

Wireless signal repeaters are used to retransmit wireless signals when connectivity is an issue. They are incredibly simple to install as they only require power and a network ID. Any units in range of the repeater with the same network ID will retransmit through it, thus increasing signal strength. Use repeaters to broadcast over very long distances or around permanent obstacles.


  • Retransmits Wireless Signals
  • Broadcasts Around Long Distances and Obstacles
  • Flanges for Wall or Pipe Mounting
  • NEMA 4X, IP68 Enclosure
PDW30 Wireless Repeaters
PDA10 Wireless Survey Tool Kit

The PDA10 is a wireless surveying tool kit which is intended to be used in conjunction with PDW30 or PDW90 wireless products. The surveying tool kit comes with two units: a handheld unit and a target unit. Use the pair prior to wireless system installation to demonstrate signal strength throughout the facility or between intended installation locations. The handheld unit may be used standalone after installation in order to determine received signal strength from all of the devices in order to determine new field unit locations or to troubleshoot connectivity issues.


  • Convenient, portable Handheld Unit and Target Unit
  • 32-Character Dual-Line Alphanumeric Dot Matrix LCD with Backlight
  • Buttons for Cycling Through Network IDs, Repeaters, and Field Units
  • Carrying Case with Instructions and includes CD Manual Inside