The Indicator: August 2016

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Issue #14 • AUGUST 2016

A Look From The Inside

Simon Paonessa, Technical Writer at Precision Digital

Precision Digital products are known for their ruggedness, quality and reliability. From the initial designs through to the final testing and calibration of a meter ready to ship, Precision Digital works hard to make a reliable product that meets the demanding expectations of harsh industrial environments. In this issue, we give you a brief look inside that process at some of the elements that make Precision Digital a premier supplier of displays for tough industrial environments.

News & Information

Level Measurement Technologies In The Process Control Industry
Precision Digital has recently launched its latest product line, the Helios series of dual-line large display meters and controllers. An IP65 rated field mounted indicator, the Helios is based on the trusted reliability and accuracy of the ProVu series of panel mounted indicators, with a superluminous bright display that is three times larger! Almost every ProVu model now has a large display counterpart in the Helios family. One of the most convenient features of the Helios is its onboard USB programming software. See all models in the Helios Series or download catalog here.

How to MEASURE FLOW RATE with Level Sensors
Precision Digital is now offering 3D CAD files for almost all of its products easily downloaded from There are two types of files available – an IGES generic 3D file format (.IGS) and a SOLIDWORKS part (.SLDPRT). The IGES files give you the flexibility to work with any 3D modeling program, and the SOLIDWORS files give you the flexibility importing native parts into your SOLIDWORKS assembly. Systems integrators, panel shops, and engineering firms can take advantage of these resources whenever designing a panel for a control room, figuring out the cutouts in an enclosure for any process instrumentation, or specifying a complete control cabinet solution. 2D drawings are also available. Search for a particular product's CAD files here.

See Tank Level The Way You Want To... In Feet & Inches
An Introduction to The New Helios Dual-Line Large Display webinar is an in-depth look at the full line of Helios large display meters and controllers. After watching this webinar, you will learn about the Helios' great features including its extraordinarily bright LEDs and convenient onboard USB programming software. You will also see all the Helios models available and what models best fit your application. Watch the webinar now.

Be Ready for the Summer Sun with Sunlight Readable Displays
The ProVu® and select ProtEX-MAX™ Series process meters have been enhanced with a couple of new features that will make monitoring and controlling your process easier to read and more convenient to set up and program. The ProVu and ProtEX-MAX now come with extraordinarily bright LEDs making them our brightest displays ever! The SunBright displays on the ProVu and dual-line ProtEX-MAX are now so bright they can easily be read in just about any sunlight conditions. The new onboard USB programming software makes it quick and convenient to get the software onto your PC. Just simply connect the meter to your computer with the free USB cable and you'll be up and running in no time. For more information watch the recorded webinar.

Precision Digital Continues to Make Website More Resourceful
We Want to Hear From You!
The latest improvements on are the meter selection utility, shop by model number feature, knowledge base page, and a "why you should buy" box. The meter selection utility will assist you in selecting the right type of product you are looking for by asking you 9 simple questions. All you have to do is check the appropriate boxes that apply to your needs and the utility will narrow it down for you displaying only the product you are looking to purchase. The shop by model number feature enables you to type in a model number in the text field to quickly find a product. The knowledge base page is a convenient way to search for content on the website. This will make it quick to find specific articles, webinars, press releases, software, and videos. Look for the links to all these special features on the home page. Precision Digital has also added a "why you should buy" box to all the product pages that will help you make product choices easier. This is located to the right of each product, below the configurator box and consists of relevant bullet points of key features.

We Want to Hear From You!
Precision Digital is offering a new stainless steel tag accessory that can be used for any of your precision digital meters. This laser etched stainless steel tag features custom text for equipment identification, instruction, or whatever else is needed in your facility. Each tag comes with a stainless steel wire and lead seal for easy mounting wherever you need it. See more details on the new stainless steel tags and how you can customize them here.

Featured Product
ProtEX PD6801 Feet And Inches Level Meter

Featured Video

Vigilante II Annunciator Video
The new Helios is Precision Digital's Biggest and Brightest Dual-Line Display Ever! It has all the powerful features of the ProVu line of process and control meters built into a fully protected, field-mountable IP65 enclosure. See the next generation of large display meters in this new video. Watch video here.

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