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Configure, monitor, or datalog any ProVu series meter using the PC-based MeterView Pro (MVP) software. MVP is available here as a free download and is also included with every ProVu, Helios, and ProVu-based ProtEX-MAX. MVP is easily installed from the onboard USB connection and makes complete meter configuration simple and fast. Copying one meter configuration to another, as well as saving or retrieving a meter configuration file, is a snap. MVP's linearization utility makes even a 32-point linearization task clear and easy to do. Also included is a basic meter monitor and data logger for use with the ProVu, Helios, or ProtEX-MAX meter. Of course, with the inclusion of the powerful Modbus® protocol, custom programs can be made even more versatile.

Important: Please uninstall previous versions of this software first, before downloading and running the latest version.


MeterView Pro uses the Modbus protocol that was added to all ProVu models in the June/July 2010 time frame. All ProVus with this capability have firmware version numbers of 2.0 or higher.

All Helios large display meters as well as ProVu panel meters and ProVu-based ProtEX-MAX explosion-proof meters produced since 6 September 2016 (firmware version 4.0 or higher) have an onboard USB connection used for meter configuration. This connection will power the meter, install MeterView Pro from the meter's internal storage, and allow for configuration of the meter.

In order for meters produced prior to 6 September 2016 (firmware version 3.1 or lower) to establish digital communications with a PC, a serial communications adapter is required. For an RS-232 connection, use a PDA1232 adapter.

For more information about adapters, click here.

Connecting to the Computer

MeterView Pro software can be installed on any Microsoft® Windows® (XP/Vista/7/8/10) computer by connecting to the meter's onboard USB. The meter is powered by the USB connection, so there is no need to wire anything prior to programming the meter, though USB is intended only for meter configuration.

MeterView Pro USB Connection

After MeterView Pro is installed, it should automatically detect what kind of meter is connected. Simply click the Configure or Monitor button to continue.

MeterView Pro Connect

Older meters without onboard USB (firmware version 3.1 or lower) require a serial communications adapter and a bit of setup. Once MeterView Pro has been downloaded and installed, simply match the communication settings to that of the meter (Meter Type, Meter Address, Baud Rate, and Parity) and communication port being used on the computer.

MeterView Pro Communication Setup

Meter Setup

The fields on this screen vary with the ProVu model you selected. Here, the input selection, display configuration, and analog output scaling can be set. In addition, the operator can take manual remote control of the relay outputs, digital outputs, and analog output.

MeterView Pro Setup

Output Relays

Within this screen, the operator can configure the ProVu's relay configuration (from 2 to 8 relays). The ProVu has very flexible relay functions. Set the action, sample times (if on), set and reset point, relay delay times, and fail-safe options.

MeterView Pro Relays

Linearization Utility

Since the ProVu shown on this screen has been set for "dual-scale" mode, two linearization tables are shown. Up to 32-points can be selected for PV1, and 8-points for PV2. These tables can be imported or exported to Excel. As an alternative, these tables can be constructed in Excel, imported to MeterView Pro, and then sent to the meter.

MeterView Pro Linearization Utility

Advanced Features

Under Advanced Features, the filter, bypass, and cutoff values can be set. The operator can also select the input math function to perform (linear, square root, programmable exponent, or round horizontal tank). The analog output, function keys, and digital inputs & outputs are configured here, as well.

MeterView Pro Advanced Features

Monitor & Datalog

Use this utility to remotely monitor and datalog a ProVu. Tag names and units of measure are customizable. This is also where the operator would setup the data logger function.

MeterView Pro Monitor & Datalog

Datalog Report

Collected data logger information can be sent to a CSV file for importing into a spreadsheet program. Below is an example of one such file. Of course, once within the spreadsheet, much can be done to customize the data.

MeterView Pro Datalog Report

Meter Configuration Report

After configuring a meter, every aspect of that meters configuration can be saved to a file and/or printed. This is the file that would be used to copy the configuration of one meter to another (of the same type). In this example, the meter configuration is 3 pages long. To see the entire report, simply click the link below the graphic.

MeterView Pro Configuration Report

Save/Open Configuration

The configuration file can be sent, or retrieved, from the directory of your choice. This is a great backup utility as well.

MeterView Pro Save / Open Configuration


System Requirements: Microsoft® Windows® XP/Vista/7/8/10
Communications: Onboard USB (firmware version 4.0 or higher), RS-232 Adapter, or RS-485 Adapter
Meter Address: 1 - 247
  • Data logging: Save as CSV file format
  • Configuration: Save as PDC file format or print configuration
Baud Rate: 300 - 19,200 bps
Configuration: One meter at a time
Protocol: Modbus RTU (requires ProVu firmware version 2.0 or higher)
*Note: Windows® 32/64-bit operating systems
The Information contained in this document is subject to change without notice. Precision Digital Corporation makes no representations or warranties with respect to the contents hereof, and specifically disclaims any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.