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Issue #4 • SEPTEMBER 2014

What Do You Value?

Alan Williams
Vice President of Sales

Back in 1999, Seth Godin wrote one of the seminal books on internet marketing, Permission Marketing. The theory being that since marketing over the internet was more or less free – companies needed to get permission to market. To do this they offer something of value that the customer would otherwise pay for. Today, this is taken for granted in the consumer world; e.g., rather than buy Microsoft Office you can subscribe to Google Apps for free! Implicit in this arrangement is you provide Google permission to market to you – don't you?
So how does this apply to companies in the industrial space?

News & Information

Level is one of the most commonly measured process values in a wide range of applications and industries. Available level transmitters range from mechanical floats and contact probes to radar and ultrasonic sensors. Whatever the type, these transmitters are almost universally difficult and dangerous to access. Even if a display is included, the small built-in displays are difficult to read once installed. Including a remote level display showing easy to understand engineering units in a convenient location is a critical step in developing a level measurement solution.

PD6730X Modbus Scanner PD6830X Modbus Scanner

Precision Digital has recently launched the Vantageview PD6730X and ProtEX PD6830X. These field-mountable Modbus Scanners bring modern design, easy readability, and enhanced functionality to safe and hazardous areas. The scanners feature Modbus master, slave, or snooper (sniffer) mode, can scan up to 16 Modbus process variables, have independent scaling, tag, and unit for each PV, data logging and much more. The PD6730X Vantageview is ideal for wet or dirty areas in need of a rugged solution and the ProtEX PD6830X is the explosion-proof version that includes Safe-Touch through-glass button programming.

Precision Digital Webinars

Precision Digital is now conducting live online webinars. These webinars are presented by our experts covering topics on the latest products and technology in the process instrumentation industry including topics on a variety of process applications. Join our experts to learn about solutions to common problems in the process industry or find out what products you need for a specific application. We are currently conducting several webinars weekly including topics on new products for 2014, a Spanish language version of the new products, and level monitoring. Check our webinar listing page frequently for future webinars, dates and times.

How To Series of Instructional Videos

Having trouble programming your Trident PD765 process meter to accept 4-20 mA Input or trying to set up serial communications protocol? Well, Precision Digital just released a series of "How To" instructional videos that cover some of the most common features used on a Trident PD765 process meter. These easy-to-follow videos walk you through every step of the way to programming features like scaling input types, setting up serial communications, setting relays/alarms, and more. Click here to watch our "How To" series of videos.

Precision Digital presents ScanView EX Programming Software for the Vantageview PD6730X and ProtEX PD6830X Modbus Scanners. ScanView EX allows industrial plants to take advantage of their existing Modbus Systems and efficiently pair their devices with Precision Digital Modbus Scanners. ScanView EX provides plant operators with full control of the Modbus scanner configuration process using an intuitive layout and an easy-to-understand interface. Clearly labeled menus enable quick programming of the powerful functions provided in the PD6730X and PD6830X scanners.

Featured Product

Featured Video

How To Program a 4-20 mA Input on a Trident PD765 Process Meter

Watch this step-by-step easy-to-follow "How-To" video and learn how to program a 4-20 mA input, and scale the display value, on a Precision Digital PD765 Trident Series process meter.

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