Introducing Two New Solutions For Modbus Transmitter or Display Needs

Precision Digital introduces the Vantageview PD6730X and ProtEX™ PD6830X Super Snooper Modbus Scanners. These field-mountable Modbus scanners are ideal for Modbus transmitters or as a Modbus RTU. These scanners feature Modbus master, slave, or snooper (sniffer) mode, can scan up to 16 Modbus process variables, have independent scaling, tag, and unit for each PV, data logging and much more.

The Vantageview PD6730X is ideal for wet or dirty areas in need of a rugged solution and comes with an injection-molded, IP65, NEMA 4X enclosure and Safe-Touch through-window button programming. The ProtEX PD6830X comes with an explosion-proof, rugged, die-cast aluminum, IP68, NEMA 4X enclosure and Safe-Touch through-glass button programming. The Vantageview PD6730X and ProtEX PD6830X each have a 5-digit decimal display or a feet & inches display version. These models also come with LCD back lighting making it easy to read from far away and under various lighting conditions. See details for the PD6730X, or the PD6830X.

The Vantageview PD6730X and ProtEX PD6830X comes with a free download of its PC based software, ScanView EX. This software enables you to configure any Vantageview PD6730X Safe Area Modbus Scanner or any ProtEX PD6830X Explosion-Proof Hazardous Area Modbus Scanner. ScanView EX makes complete scanner configuration quick and easy. Copying one scanner configuration to another, as well as saving or retrieving a scanner's configuration file, is a snap. ScanView EX's intuitive layout and easy-to-understand interface make any scanner configuration simple to complete. A PDA8068 meter-to-USB adapter is available for a quick & easy PC connection. ScanView EX is an extremely useful tool that eliminates a lot of button pushing and minimizes any confusion when setting up a PD6730X or PD6830X. See more details for ScanView EX and how to download the software.

PD6730X Vantageview Modbus ScannerPD6830X ProtEX Modbus ScannerScanView EX Software for the PD6830X and PD6730X Modbus Scanners