New Modbus Client (Master) Features

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Uploaded: April 1, 2021

The ConsoliDator+ multivariable controller is now available with an Enhanced Modbus Features Package that among other things, allows you to display up to 160 Modbus registers on a full-color QVGA screen. These features include: Client: In Client (or Master) mode, read multiple variables from your sensors and maximize their potential. Snooper: With packet sniffer functionality (Snooper), listen and read PVs on RS-485 bus Spoofer: Assign multiple addresses and customized register numbers Never heard of a Modbus Spoofer? Attend the webinar to learn how this feature can help you replace existing Modbus servers without changing the Client configuration. In this webinar, Joe Ryan, VP of Sales and Marketing, discusses how the Enhanced Modbus Features Package on the ConsoliDator+ allows anyone to easily take advantage of the powerful Modbus features present in their sensors, transmitters, and PLCs, display this Modbus and analog data on an easy-to-read full-color display, and eliminate the need to write complicated code or custom software. The Enhanced Modbus Features Package can be “unlocked” on any ConsoliDator+ purchased after February 15, 2021 by purchasing the PDK9000-M1 Key for $500 and entering the Key value into the ConsoliDator+. Also in this webinar, Joe will present a short overview of the ConsoliDator+ and configuration software and show you a live demonstration of the PDD9000 ConsoliDator+ Demo unit.