Fundamentals of PID Controllers

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Uploaded: June 10, 2022

Although PID controllers are a very common type of process controller they have many unique features that make using, selling, or specifying them different from other devices that have simple on/off control such as panel meters and process displays. This webinar is ideal for the engineer, operator, or salesperson who is familiar with panel meters and other basic process meters and is looking to learn more about what makes PID controllers different. Using the SuperNova PD500 Series as an example, this webinar will discuss the terms, features, and applications that relate to selling and using PID controllers. Other types of PID controllers beyond the SuperNova series will also be discussed, with the goal that those who attend will be able to understand what PID controllers are, and the key elements for using, specifying, and selling them In this webinar, Joe Ryan, VP of Sales and Marketing, will present a high-level view of PID controllers for a target audience that are not PID controller experts. If you cross paths with PID controllers, but have questions about their different sizes, the reason for the multiple display lines, the terminology used, or are not really sure what is and is not a PID application, join us for this webinar!