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Cool New 4-20 mA Tools for Your Bench & Toolbox

« Cool New 4-20 mA Tools for Your Bench & Toolbox

Uploaded: April 26, 2019

Precision Digital now provides some cool new tools for working with 4-20 mA and other common signals that are handy to have in your toolbox or on your work bench. The PD9502 is a simple-to-use 4-20 mA or 0-10 VDC signal generator with a 4-digit LED display and a one-turn adjustment knob. The PD9502 can be powered by 15-27 VDC or optional USB power pack. The PD420 panel mount set point generator provides a convenient way to generate a 4-20 mA signal that can be used to control another device and features a built-in dial for coarse or fine adjustment. The PD9501 multi-function calibrator has a variety of signal measurement and output functions, including voltage, current, thermocouple, and RTD. The PD9501 also includes a convenient storage case and 3 easy connector cables. Learn more about these must-have tools in this previously recorded webinar presented by Joe Ryan, VP of Sales and Marketing.