Why Print Catalogs Matter

Why Print Catalogs Matter?

Precision Digital is pleased to announce the new 2015 Short Form Catalog and Price List. There are a number of new products detailed within, including level displays featuring feet and inches with bar graph indication, Modbus scanners ideal for multivariable transmitters, NTEP certified weights and measures batch controllers, and high voltage and current input displays. To our long term customers, I am happy to say there are no price increases.

Catalog page sample

The information contained in this literature is also available online at www.predig.com. Product overview videos, tutorials, and product literature can also be found online. In the modern world, with all of this information available online, why are printed versions of the catalog and price list still useful? It turns out there are a number of reasons why having a printed copy, or copies, can be quite helpful.

For the distributor, printed catalogs are the fastest way to present the Precision Digital product line to a customer. A quick flip to the What's New section will summarize all newly available products. For a client new to Precision Digital, and what our local indicators and controls can do to improve their processes, the catalog becomes a way to leaving behind a path to more information. It is a way to remind them about the products you offer, and where to go for more information. A printed catalog can be a salesperson's most useful tool toward introducing new useful products to interested customers.

The most common reason why engineers, project planners, and technicians enjoy having a printed form of the catalog and price list is because it is a physical item they can engage with. There is no faster way to review a wide range of products than to see them all in a clearly presented document that can be flipped through by hand.

Even a PDF document of the same catalog is not as easy to engage with. Print catalogs can hold personal notes applicable to your projects, have specific pages filed with planning documentation, and be looked through anywhere, not just at a computer. Large catalog producers such as USABlueBlook, Omega, and DigiKey all have both a printed catalog and easy to navigate website for just these reasons.

Request copies of the new Precision Digital 2015 catalog and pricelist at predig.com/catalog.

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