Precision Digital's Loop Leader…A Capable Pump Controller

Precision Digital's Loop Leader... A Capable Pump Controller
The PD6600 Loop Leader is Not Just an Ordinary Process Meter and Display.
This full-featured, loop-powered meter with its two open collectors and two solid state relays, is also capable of performing lead-lag pump alternation. For pumps used in applications such as tank level, pump alternation can be used to turn the pumps on and off to prevent excessive wear and tear. The PD6600 Loop Leader is unique because you can program pump alternation based on level and time.
For example, applications involving tank level can be programmed to alternate with each alarm occurrence, such as a high and low alarm. For applications where pumps remain on extensively, the Alternation Time Parameter on the PD6600 can be programmed to set a period of relay on-time after which the relays should alternate. For example, if the alternation time is set to 1 hour, the active relay will deactivate after 1 hour of runtime and the inactive relay will activate. See all Loop Leader models and features here.

Example of Pump Control Based on Level and Time with the PD6600 Loop Leader