The Most Important Factor for Growth

Allan Williams
Alan Williams
Vice President of Sales

I am very proud to represent a US manufacturing company that designs, engineers and builds their products here in New England. When I joined Precision Digital Corporation, the strategy was a clear one — how do we achieve sustained long term double digit growth? I'm sure many of you get faced with the same question in your businesses. However, generally speaking, US manufacturers faces a tough time to reach those levels of growth in an industry that is perhaps growing 4% annum — so where do we start? New products? New markets? Win market share?

So all these ideas are good and likely will be needed to support our growth — so expect to see new products coming soon! However, there is one factor more important than all of these — that has been shown to be the only reliable measure of long term growth for any company — Customer Satisfaction! However, that term can be a bit vague. More specifically, I would define it as delighting customers to the extent they are motivated to recommend or promote your product to a friend or colleague. I expect you can all recount (perhaps all too rarely) times when you have been so delighted with a product you had to tell a friend. Some researchers and consulting companies have gone further and quantified this effect — Google "Net Promoter Score" to find out more.

So long term, our future and growth is tied more than anything else to delivering exceptional customer satisfaction. To that end we are currently strengthening our technical and application support teams — our goal being to exceed customer expectations. Not only is this good for our customers, but long term I believe it is critical for growth.

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