Advanced Data Collection at Oil Fields

During the start of the recent oil boom the number of drilling rigs were growing aggressively, as was the cost to maintain them all. Rather than rely on manual data collection in the field, which is time consuming and potentially dangerous, a major oil services company decided to deploy flow rate totalizers with the ability to automate the data collection in their oil fields.

There were a number of factors that were critical in deciding on a flow rate totalizer solution. These factors included the need for easy and fast installation, ability to integrate with their preferred Turbines Inc. flow meter, reliability and robustness in a harsh field installation, easy Modbus® connectivity, and accurate data collection with a real time clock.

After extensive evaluations between Precision Digital's PD6830 and the incumbent Cameron NUFLO™ MC-III™, the PD6830 was selected. Key in the selection was the PD6830's advanced data collection capabilities which includes a real time clock that ensures the fidelity of important flow data.

However, one critical issue remained. Like many companies, the customer had an installed base of legacy flow rate totalizers already integrated with its data collection systems - what was really needed was a solution that would be a plug-and-play replacement and could be installed without the need to reprogram the data collection system.

Precision Digital engineers got to work and, in a matter of weeks, were able to modify the Modbus® interface of the PD6830 to mimic the registers of the incumbent flow meter. By partnering with Turbines Inc., Precision Digital facilitated the provision of an ideal customized solution to the customer's data collection dilemma. As a result, the customer installed new flow rate totalizers, as well as upgraded their legacy systems - all while maintaining compatibility, improved fidelity and accuracy of the data, and minimal engineering changes to their data collection system.

The bottom line was reduced maintenance cost, reduced installation costs, and a solution that provided the lowest total cost of ownership. These savings become even more significant as the customer looks to upgrade several thousand systems per year.