Accessories & Modifications

Accessories & Modifications
Precision Digital offers accessories & modifications that expand the usefulness of your digital panel meters and controllers. You can enhance your existing meters to meet new process challenges with our upgrade cards and DIN rail mountable expansion modules. Our panel and pipe mounting kits allow you to put your meter exactly where it needs to go. Serial communication adapters allow you to program many of our digital meters and controllers from a desktop PC and integrate them into a digital Modbus® network.

Accessories & Modifications

  • The PDA6963-SS provides a convenient way to mount PDW30-SNA, PDW30-RNA, and PDW90-FN wireless units to horizontal or vertical 1.5" or 2" pipes such that the antenna is not right on top of the metal pipe. The components in the mounting kit are made from 316 stainless steel and all necessary hardware is provided to mount two units; typically, the primary and secondary units of the PDW30-SNA. Although the primary use of the PDA6963 is to mount PDW wireless units, it can also be used to mount the PD663 explosion-proof meter.
  • The PDA7232 Trident RS-232 serial adapter converts the serial output of the PD765 Trident meter to an unbalanced, full-duplex RS-232 signal. Since it is an external device, one PDA7232 in conjunction with free MeterView software can be used to program and calibrate any number of Trident meters.

  • The PDA7420 Trident meter copy cable connects two Trident meters together so the programming from one Trident can be copied to the other. No additional serial adapters are required.

  • The PDX6901 is a 0.01μF/470Ω snubber with flexible leads intended to prolong the life of the relays on Precision Digital products as well as protect against electrical noise caused by switching inductive loads.

  • The PDX765 Trident Power Supply & Option Upgrade Kit is a simple way to upgrade your Trident meter with new functions and features. The PDX765 is available in several different models to allow every possible Trident configuration. Options include the input power supply, transmitter supply, 4-20 mA output, and relays.
  • The PDA7422 Trident RS-485 serial adapter converts the serial output of the PD765 Trident meter to balanced, full or half-duplex RS-422 or RS-485 signals.