Accessories & Modifications

Accessories & Modifications
Precision Digital offers accessories & modifications that expand the usefulness of your digital panel meters and controllers. You can enhance your existing meters to meet new process challenges with our upgrade cards and DIN rail mountable expansion modules. Our panel and pipe mounting kits allow you to put your meter exactly where it needs to go. Serial communication adapters allow you to program many of our digital meters and controllers from a desktop PC and integrate them into a digital Modbus® network.

Accessories & Modifications

  • The PDA0007 ventilation kit consists of two vents and is designed to equalize internal / external pressure and temperature to prevent condensation from building up in the enclosure. Internal baffles within the vents create an airflow pattern that allows air to pass between the inside of the enclosure and the outside environment. The vents are rated UL & CSA Type 4X and IP66. The ventilation kit can also be ordered as a MOD-VENT-P for plastic enclosures and a MOD-VENT-M for steel enclosures. When this is done, the accompanying enclosure will be provided with pre-drilled holes for the vents (Installation is done by the user and the enclosure is sold separately). See ordering information.
  • The PDA8006 Trident USB serial adapter is the perfect adapter to use with the Trident when the only serial communication required is for MeterView running on a PC. It is the least costly option as well. USB and meter to adapter cables are included.

  • The PDA2360 series of plastic control stations provide a convenient way to remotely control devices such as Precision Digital’s digital meters and controllers. For instance, there is a four-position control station that mimics the ProVu and Helios’s four buttons: Menu, Right Arrow, Up Arrow, and Enter. There are other control stations that can be used to reset the total, acknowledge relays, set a tare, and run a batch process. There are even control stations with no text on the buttons that can be used for any purpose the user requires. An emergency stop control station is also available. The control stations come pre-assembled with 1 to 4 Normally Open (NO) red, green, yellow, or black pushbuttons. Knockouts on the top and bottom of the enclosure are provided for convenient wiring and two mounting holes on the back of the enclosure make it easy for wall mounting.
  • The PDA1000 is simple panel mounted buzzer and light that provides a convenient way to indicate alarm conditions on Precision Digial meters and other devices.
  • PDA-SSTAG is a laser etched stainless steel tag accessory for any of your precision digital meters. The tag features custom text for equipment identification, instruction, or whatever else is needed in your facility. Each tag comes with a stainless steel wire and lead seal for easy mounting wherever you need it.

  • The PDA1500 High VAC/VDC to Logic Level Converter is an easy to use DIN rail mounted device for converting high voltage signals into logic level signals for use as a digital input to a wide range of process control and display equipment.

  • The PDA6405 split core AC current transformers convert the high AC current flowing through a cable or wire to a 0-5 AAC output and are available in ranges of 100, 200, 400, 600, and 1000 AAC. These nonintrusive devices feature split core convenience for easy installation and are a costeffective solution for monitoring load or proof of operation. These current transformers are ideal for monitoring current loads on pumps, driving fans and blowers, and sensing the status of heating coils and lighting.