Cyber Attacks Threaten Industrial & Municipal Plants

Cyber Security Threatens Industrial and Municipal Plants

Redundancy in control systems is crucial to ensure a plant is not completely vulnerable to cyber attacks. For instance, if a control system is compromised, then a local 4-20 mA indicator can serve as a backup local monitoring, control and alarming system.

According to the Associated Press, on February 5th, 2021, a hacker remotely accessed the control system at a water treatment plant in Florida and altered chemical levels. The hacker attempted to increase the amount of lye used to treat the water to dangerous levels. Even though the intrusion was caught and stopped by the operator on site quickly, the incident exposes how vulnerable both industrial and municipal plants can be to cyber attacks.

Officials said the public was never in danger and plant safeguards would have detected the chemical alteration before water reached consumers. This highlights the importance of redundancy in industrial control systems and how they can help avert a catastrophe.

How to Avert A Catastrophe

Redundancy in a control system eliminates dependence on a single system. Using a display for local monitoring, control, and alarming keeps critical information available during a system failure or cyber attack, and it acts as a safeguard to the system against external threats.

Redundancy Improves Security

Normal Operation

Normal Plant Operation

Control systems monitor important aspects of the plant. A remote display provides redundant local control and alarming.

Compromised Operation

Compromised Plant Operation

If the control system is compromised, then the display's redundant local control and alarming keep things in check and are not affected by external threats.


Fail-Safe Solutions Against Cyber Attacks


Watch this recorded webinar and you will:

  • Understand the threats cyber attacks pose on industrial and municipal plants.
  • Learn how industrial control systems can benefit from redundant local control and alarming.
  • Discover how Precision Digital can provide fail-safe solutions against cyber attacks using local displays.

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Fail-Safe Solutions Against Cyber Attacks Using Local Dispalys

PD9000 ConsoliDator+

Monitor & Control Multiple Processes

The ConsoliDator+ provides redundant or manual control and local alarming of multiple measurements, all without the need to program a PLC or HMI.

PD420 Set Point Generator

Gain Back Control Of A Loop

A 4-20 mA set point generator can manually control a final control element if the main control system is compromised. Starts at $149

PD6801 Level Meter

Keep An Eye On Critical Loops

Add visibility to critical processes with an easy-to-install 4-20 mA loop-powered digital display. Give operators the ability to confirm control room information from the field.

PD2 Helios Meter

Trigger An Alarm Before Danger Strikes

A 4-20 mA digital display with up to four relays can provide alarms, drive external alarm devices, or allow for local backup control.