Front View of PDA6631 (Meter Not Included)
Rear View of PDA6631 (Meter Not Included)
PDA6631 U-bolt Kit Front View
Mounting Front Angle View
PDA6631 U-bolt Kit Rear View
Mounting Rear View

Key Features

  • Mounts PD663 and PD663-SS to 1.5" Pipe
  • All Necessary Hardware Provided
  • 316 Stainless Steel


The PDA6631-SS provides a convenient way to mount Precision Digital’s PD663 and PD663-SS Explosion-Proof Loop-Powered meters to 1.5" pipes. The PD6631-SS mounts to the pipe with a U-bolt. The U-bolt kit is made from 316 stainless steel and includes all necessary hardware to mount the meter to the pipe.

Mounting Instructions

Orient the groove on the back of the PD663 with the pipe and secure the PD663 to the pipe with the U-bolt and hardware.


  • All hardware is stainless steel
  • Two (each) washers, lock washers & nuts
  • One U-bolt
PDA6846 U-Bolt Kit Contents

Compatible Instruments

  • All ProtEX-Lite PD663 and PD663-SS Series Explosion-Proof Loop-Powered Meters

Choose Your Options

Configurations other than those specified above are available at a $250 adder. Consult factory for desired model number and price.