Front View of Pipe Mounting Kit (PD2 Meter Not Included)
Rear View of Pipe Mounting Kit (PD2 Meter Not Included)
PDA6260-SS Mounted Front View

Mounting Front View

PDA6260-SS Mounted Rear View

Mounting Rear View

Key Features

  • Mounts PD2 & PD4 Meters to 1.5" or 2" Pipe
  • Suitable for Horizontal or Vertical Pipes
  • All Necessary Hardware Provided
  • 316 Stainless Steel


The PDA6260-SS provides a convenient way to mount Precision Digital Series PD2 and PD4 NEMA 4X Large Display Meters to horizontal or vertical 1.5" or 2" pipes. The mounting kit is made from 316 stainless steel and includes all necessary hardware to mount the meter to the pipe.


  • All hardware is stainless steel
  • Two mounting plates
  • Four (each) bolts, washers, lock washers & nuts to mount meter to plates
  • Two U-bolts and four (each) washers, lock washers & nuts to mount plates to pipe
PDA6260 Mounting Kit Contents

Mounting Instructions

  1. Attach the two mounting plates to the PD2 or PD4 with the provided hardware
        a. The holes for the screws are found on the flange at the top of the instrument and inside the small door at the base of the instrument.
        b. Refer to Figure 1 for the location of the holes on the plates for vertical and horizontal pipe mounting.
  2. Mount the two plates to the pipe with the provided U-bolts and hardware.

Mounting Holes Location

Hole IDMount OrientationEnclosure Hole Location
1Vertical PipeTop of Meter
2Vertical PipeBottom of Meter
3Horizontal PipeTop of Meter
1Horizontal PipeBottom of Meter

Units: Inches (mm)

PDA6260-SS Mounting Plate Dimensions

Figure 1. Hole Location Table & Dimension Drawing


PDA6260-SS Vertical Mount Assembly
PDA6260-SS Vertical Mount Assembly Back View

Figure 2. PDA6260-SS Mounting Kit used for Vertical Pipe

PDA6260-SS Horizontal Mount Assembly
PDA6260-SS Horizontal Mount Assembly Back View

Figure 3. PDA6260-SS Mounting Kits Used for Horizontal Pipe

Compatible Instruments

  • PD2 Helios Large Display Meters
  • PD4 Loop Leader+ Large Display Loop-Powered Meters

Choose Your Options

Configurations other than those specified above are available at a $250 adder. Consult factory for desired model number and price.