PDW30 Installation at Wastewater Treatment Plant

Industry Application Series Product
Water & Wastewater Wireless Bridge PDW PDW30-SNA

Description of the Application

A PDW30-SNA wireless bridge was installed at a wastewater treatment plant. The PDW30-SNA primary unit is connected to a flowmeter. The primary unit received the signal from the flowmeter and transmits it to the secondary unit. The PDW30-SNA secondary unit receives the signal and retransmits it to the plant's SCADA system. This eliminated the need for expensive signal wiring across a large area.


Key Aspects of the Application:

  • The PDW30-SNA eliminated the need for expensive wiring to connect the flow meter to the SCADA system.

  • The PDW30-SNA provides a signal wire replacement in a rugged, NEMA 4X/IP68 industrial housing

  • The PDW30-SNA has a 1 mile line-of-sight outdoor/500 feet indoor  wireless range

  • The PDW30-SNA has inputs and outputs on both field units

  • The PDW30-SNA has built-in flanges for easy wall or pipe mounting

Watch a video overview of the PDW Wireless solutions here.

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