PD6602s Measuring Ammonia Level and Pressure of Tanks in WTP

Industry Application Series Product
Water & Wastewater Level Loop Leader PD6602-LNN

Description of Application 

Twelve PD6602s installed in panels at a water treatment plant in Southern Nevada. They are measuring the ammonia level and pressure of 6 tanks.


Key Aspects of the Application:

  • The Loop Leader is loop-powered which means it can be powered off the existing loop and does not require an additional power source. This also means it can easily be installed in existing applications as the need for local indication arises.
  • The Loop Leader’s LCD display is easy to read in bright sunlight
  • The Loop Leader’s 0.7” high display means you don’t have to get right on the meter to read it
  • The Loop Leader’s NEMA 4X front panel means it can be mounted outdoors
  • The Loop Leader’s second line indicates what the meter is displaying – in this case feet and PSI
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