PD6001s Measuring Level at Wastewater Treatment Plant

Industry Application Series Product
Water & Wastewater Level ProVu PD6001

Description of Application

Two PD6001s mounted to PDA2301 enclosures are measuring influent water level at a Wastewater Treatment Plant. The 4-20 mA input comes from a pressure transmitter. Tri-colored lights are mounted on the enclosure to indicate high and low alarms as well as normal condition.

Key Aspects of Application

  • The PD6001's feet and inches display provides an intuitive way to indicate height.
  • The PD6001’s dual line display displays the level on the upper line and a tag on the lower line.
  • The PD6001’s NEMA 4X front panel means it can be installed in dirty, dusty, and wet environments.
  • The ProVu can be programmed via free USB-based MeterView Pro software that is resident on the meter – no files to download!
  • The PD6001’s four relays can be used to trigger high and low alarms and/or activate alarm lights.
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