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Model: PDA3411

PDA3400 Series Internally Mounted NEMA 4X Plastic Enclosures

UL Listing
SKU: PDA3411
Product Type: NEMA 4X Enclosure
Materials: Plastic
Cutouts: Two (2)
DIN Size: 1/8 DIN
Meter Mounting: Behind clear window
Orientation: Horizontal
Approvals: UL/C-UL
Warranty: 1 year
Product Family: PDA3400
Product Category: Enclosures
Product Application: Enclosures
Cover Method: Screws
Cutout DIN Size: 1/8 DIN
Applicable Meter Types: B, C, D, E


  • House up to 3 Meters
  • Plastic
  • 1/8 DIN and 1/4 DIN cutouts available
  • Meter Mounted Behind Clear Cover
  • NEMA 4X
  • Mounting Hardware (Supplied)
  • UL, C-UL Listed
  • Light / Horn & Reset Button


The PDA3400 series of internally mounted plastic NEMA 4X enclosures for 1/8 DIN Digital Panel Meters and 1/4 DIN PID Controllers provide a convenient way to mount one, two or three Precision Digital meters to walls and other vertical structures. The PDA3400 series enclosures provide a greater degree of protection than other Precision Digital enclosures because the meters are mounted behind a clear polycarbonate cover. These enclosures also have room for a light / horn accessory. They also come pre-cut with 1/8 DIN or 1/4 DIN cutouts or they can be ordered with no cutouts / front plate. Mounting hardware is provided. The cover is secured with four screws. Optional pipe mounting kits are available for mounting the enclosures to 2" pipes. Enclosures, meters and accessories are ordered and packaged separately.

Wall Mounting

The PDA3400 enclosures include four mounting flanges and four screws. Using the included screws and a Phillips head screwdriver simply assemble each flange in the four threaded screw holes on the back of the enclosure as shown in the example below.

PDA3400 front view

Front view of a PDA3400 series enclosure with supplied mounting flanges installed

PDA3400 rear view

Rear view of a PDA3400 series enclosure with supplied mounting flanges installed

Screws and mounting flanges

The PDA3400 series enclosures is supplied with 4 screws and 4 mounting flanges

Mounting a meter inside the PDA3400 enclosure

  1. Mount the panel meter by placing it through the cutout on the mounting plate. Secure the meter with the mounting brackets included with the meter.
    Mounting plate
  2. Take the mounting plate with the meter and screw it onto the enclosure box by lining up the four screw holes on the plate to the four mounting rods shown on the inside the of enclosure.
    4 mounting rods
  3. Screw the clear cover onto the front of the enclosure using the four white plastic screws included with the PDA3400.
    Assembled meter in enclosure (front and side view)


PDA3400 Series Enclosure with Light / Horn

PDA3400 Series Enclosure with Light / Horn

PDA3407 Enclosure Shown with a ProVu Meter and MOD-LH Light / Horn and Reset Button. Meter & MOD-LH Sold Separately. Assembly Required.

Light / Horn Accessories

Precision Digital offers a Light / Horn that can be mounted to the PDA3407 and PDA3408 by the user. This Light / Horn can be wired to flash or stay steady on and the horn is rated at 85 dB. The light and horn can be controlled independently of each other via separate relays on the meter such that the horn can be programmed to silence via a button mounted to the enclosure and the light can be programmed to stay on until the alarm clears.

The light / horn and reset button are all rated NEMA 4X or IP65. The following table illustrates a typical way the Light / Horn accessory can be wired and programmed using the four relays on the ProVu meter:

Relay #Connected toTypical reset method
(user selectable)
1Flashing Light(1)Reset automatically after alarm clears
2HornSilence with Reset Button at any time
3User DeviceAs user desires
4User DeviceAs user desires

1. Light can be wired to flash or stay steady on


  1. The Light / Horn accessory is powered from the 200 mA transmitter power supply; so when it is installed, there is less power available for the transmitter. See MOD-LH and MOD-LHX2 Series manuals for details.
  2. See MOD-LHX2 manual for typical wiring diagrams using the Trident X2 meter, which has a capacity of only two relays.
MOD-LH & MOD-LHX2 Light / Horn Accessories

When these are ordered, the enclosure comes pre-drilled with holes for the Light / Horn and Reset Button to be installed by user. Meter and enclosure are sold separately. The Light / Horn hole is in the back left corner of the enclosure and the Reset button is centered on the side of the enclosure about an inch off the bottom. For mounting in different locations, order items separately and drill holes and mount as desired. Other light and button colors are available.

Light / Horn Dimensions Units: Inches (mm)
Light / Horn Dimensions

PDA6545 2" Pipe Mounting Kit

The PDA6545 and PDA6545-SS pipe mounting kits provide convenient ways to mount the PDA3400 enclosures to 2" pipes.

PDA6545 2 inch pipe mounting kit

PDA-SSTAG Stainless Steel Tags

PDA-SSTAG is a laser etched stainless steel tag accessory for any of your Precision Digital meters. The tag featurs custom text for equipment identification, instruction, or whatever else is needed in your facility. Each tag comes with a stainless steel wire and lead seal for easy mounting wherever you need it.

PDA-SSTAG stainless steel tags

PDX18DIN-FILLER 1/8 DIN Cutout Filler

The NEMA 4X 1/8 DIN cutout filler is used to cover up empty 1/8 DIN cutouts and maintain the NEMA 4X rating to the panel or enclosure. It consists of a generic bezel with a black faceplate, as well as mounting brackets, gasket, etc.

PDX18DIN-FILLER 1/8 DIN Cutout Filler

Note: These specifications apply to the entire product series and may contain information that is not relevant to this particular model number.


Material: Plastic
Color: Body: Gray; Cover: Clear polycarbonate plastic
Meters: Houses up to 3 meters
Meter Mounting Method: Behind clear window
Cover Mounting Method: Screws
Ratings: NEMA 4X
Approvals: UL, C-UL
Operating Temperature: -40 to 120°C
Warranty: 1 year

1/8 DIN Meter Types

Type Meters
B PD542, PD543, and PD562
C PD603, PD644, PD743, PD765, PD6602, PD6603, PD6604, PD6606, PD6607, PD6608, PD6622, PD6624, and PD6626, and PD6628.
D PD138, PD154, and PD158
E PD6000, PD6001, PD6060, PD6080, PD6081, PD6088, PD6089, PD6100, PD6200, PD6210, PD6262, PD6300, PD6310, PD6310-WM, PD6363, PD6400, and PD7000


Available 1 Required

Model# of Meters1/8 DIN Meter Type
Horizontal Cutouts
No Cutouts


All Enclosures

Units: Inches (mm)

Enclosure dimensions

Weight: 3.1 lbs (1.4 kg)

Dimensions for: PDA3407, PDA3408, PDA3411, PDA3412, PDA3412-B, PDA3414.

Download free 3-D CAD files of these enclosures to simplify your drawings!

Note: This tab applies to the entire product series and may contain information that is not relevant to this particular model number.

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