The Fundamentals of 4-20 mA Current Loops

« The Fundamentals of 4-20 mA Current Loops

Uploaded: October 23, 2014

This webinar is designed as an introductory class for those who have to deal with process signals but are not electrical engineers. Precision Digital's 4-20 mA expert, Joe Ryan brings more than 10 years of process signal experience in the design, marketing, support, and manufacture of process measurement and control devices. He has designed several Precision Digital process meters and served as a Product Marketing Engineer and Product Manager for a line of process controls; supporting sales, service, and support efforts. Joe has extensive experience with 4-20 mA loops and instrumentation devices, as well as the ability to communicate these concepts to those working in the field. After attending this webinar you will have a strong understanding about the fundamentals of the 4-20mA current loop. You’ll be better equipped to choose the correct devices and instruments for your installation. You’ll understand when, where, or if a current loop solution is right for your application.