Precision Digital Corp is open for business today and we are providing application and technical support and order entry as normal. However, due to interruptions in international supply chains, our ability to ship product has been severely hampered and we don’t expect that to change until early July.

Industrial Wireless Dual Inputs

Industrial Wireless
Precision Digital’s PDW wireless products give you a simple, straightforward way to get analog, discrete, or Modbus® signals from where you have them to where you need them. Our wireless solutions range in complexity from simple point-to-point for wire replacement, to large-scale point-to-multipoint for connecting up to 32 individual field locations to a central base station. Wireless installations may be expanded or improved using an array of base station modules, additional wireless field units, and repeater units. The wireless survey tool kit can provide you with an accurate representation of wireless signal strength throughout your facility before you perform the installation.

Industrial Wireless Dual Inputs

  • The Precision Digital PDW90 is a rugged, customizable, point-to-multipoint wireless bridge. It offers a highly-flexible means of getting an analog, digital, or Modbus® signal from where you have it to where you need it. Modular input/output cards and expandable field units mean that the PDW90 can be customized to meet the needs of any wireless application. The PDW90 is simple to order, simple to configure, and easy to trust with your application. It can be ordered as either preassembled kits or as individual, modular components. Guaranteed ranges assure it will work with your application or you can send it back - no questions asked. A wireless survey tool is available for those installations that require a site survey for longer distances, making it easy to verify the setup will work the first time.

    Why you should buy:
    • Point-to-Multipoint Wireless System
    • Expandable with Base Station Modules and Additional Field Units
    • Rugged, Weather-Tight Housing