Precision Digital Corp is open for business today and we are providing application and technical support and order entry as normal. However, due to interruptions in international supply chains, our ability to ship product has been severely hampered and we don’t expect that to change until late April.

Speed Large Display

Precision Digital's high precision digital panel meters are designed to measure a wide range of process and electrical variables, including speed/velocity. Signals are accepted from pulse, open collector, NPN, PNP, TTL, switch contact, sine wave (coil), and square wave inputs. Velocity transmitters, such as tachometers and counters, provide pulse outputs that can be read and scaled by these devices to read in engineering units on the display. All meters feature dual-line, 5- and 6-digit displays that are easily read in sunlight and from wide angles and are available in NEMA 4X front digital panel meters and FM, CSA, ATEX, and IECEx approved explosion-proof meters for hazardous areas.

Speed Large Display

  • Go with the Helios PD2-6363 when you want to display two pulse flowmeter inputs on one meter you can see from a distance. Both of these inputs can be displayed on six full digits and each flowmeter is provided with its own DC power supply. The PD2-6363 can also perform a variety of math functions on those two inputs, such as computing the difference between them or summing them together. One application for the PD6363 is determining fuel consumption by computing the difference between two flowmeter inputs.



    Why you should buy:
    • Large Dual Line Display
    • Dual Pulse Rate Inputs
    • Math Functions