• Precision Digital offers a wide variety of NEMA 4 and NEMA 4X enclosures that can be equipped with MOD-LH Light / Horn and Reset Button. The MOD-LH Series is available in three different light configurations. The first option is a factory ordered Light / Horn with a color of either red, green, yellow, blue, or white. The second option is a Light / Horn the user determines the light color (red, green, yellow, blue or white) by connecting the appropriate wire. The third option is a Light / Horn with red, yellow, and green layers the user can turn on independently.
  • PDA-SSTAG is a laser etched stainless steel tag accessory for any of your precision digital meters. The tag features custom text for equipment identification, instruction, or whatever else is needed in your facility. Each tag comes with a stainless steel wire and lead seal for easy mounting wherever you need it.

  • The 1/8 DIN cutout filler is an accessory to the enclosure product line. It consists of a generic bezel with a black faceplate, as well as mounting brackets, gasket, etc.

  • The PDX6901 is a 0.01μF/470Ω snubber with flexible leads intended to prolong the life of the relays on Precision Digital products as well as protect against electrical noise caused by switching inductive loads.