CSA (Electric Safety) Enclosures

  • PDA2700 steel, NEMA 4 enclosures feature a hinged door in which meters are mounted so all programming and operational functions are available without opening the enclosure. The PDA2700 can house between one and six meters in either horizontal or vertical orientation. Dual orientation enclosures for multiple 1/8 DIN devices are also available. Enclosures and meters are ordered and packaged separately.

  • PDA2400 NEMA 4X enclosures provide a high degree of protection against the harsh operating environment of an industrial plant. Precision Digital’s meters are mounted inside the enclosure for maximum protection. The PDA2400 can house up to four 1/4 DIN meters or up to two 1/8 DIN meters in either horizontal or vertical orientation. A dual orientation enclosure for two 1/8 DIN devices is also available. The clear plastic cover is held in place with four screws.