PDA3120-N or PDA3140-N
PDA3120-S or PDA3140-S


The PDA3120-N (and -S) and PDA3140-N (and -S) are 20 ft and 40 ft extension cables used to extend the distance between the yagi antenna and the PDW30 or PDW90 wireless units. The extension cable also comes with an antenna coupler to connect the PDW wireless device to the antenna extension cable, coax seal tape, and a 1/2" NPT cable gland.

Connecting the Extension Cable to the PDW30 Unit and Yagi Antenna

Note: Extension cables include the following parts:

(1) Antenna Coupler
(1) Cable Gland
(1) 8" Length of Coax Seal Tape
(1) ½" NPT Cable Gland


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