ConsoliDator+ PD9000 (Sold Separately)
ConsoliDator+ PD9000 (Sold Separately)
PDA9000SH Sun Hood and PD9000 (Sold Separately)
UL Listing Canadian Standards Association


  • House one ConsoliDator+ PD9000 Multi-Variable Controller
  • 14-Gauge Steel
  • Comes Pre-Cut with One Cutout
  • NEMA 4, 12 and 13
  • Cover Secured with Screwed Latches
  • Hinged Door
  • ConsoliDator+ Mounted in Cover
  • Mounting Holes Integral to Enclosure
  • UL Listed, CSA Certified


The PDA2909 steel NEMA 4 enclosure provides a convenient way to mount the PD9000 ConsoliDator+ to walls and other vertical structures. This enclosure comes pre-cut with one cutout to mount the PD9000 in. The ConsoliDator+ is mounted in the door of the enclosure thus allowing for programming and operation of the device. No additional mounting hardware other than screws to mount to the wall is needed. The door is hinged and secured with latches. The enclosure and ConsoliDator+ are ordered and packaged separately.

Mounting Dimensions

Wall Mounting Dimensions:

The PDA2909 enclosure includes integral mounting flanges at the top and bottom of the enclosure that can be used to mount the enclosures to a wall.

PDA2909 Wall Mounting Dimensions

Overall Dimensions:

PDA2909 Overall Dimensions


Material: 14 gauge steel
Color: Gray
Number of ConsoliDator+s per Enclosure: One
ConsoliDator+ Mounting Method: Through cover
Cover Mounting Method: Hinge / latch
Ratings: NEMA 4, 12 and 13
Approvals: CSA, UL/C-UL
Dimensions: 12" x 12" x 6" (305 mm x 305 mm x 152 mm)
Weight: 15 Lbs.
Warranty: 1 year

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