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Panel Mount Switch Input

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  • The VigilanteĀ® II PD150 alarm annunciator provides alarming and monitoring capabilities for all of your level, pressure, flow, and other process switches. These alarm annunciators are available in two models; the PD154 has four (4) inputs and the PD158 has eight (8) inputs. Each model accepts inputs from relays, float switches, digital outputs, and many other discrete (on/off) devices. It can be field programmed for all common ISA alarm sequences including first out indication and provide alarm signaling through front panel LEDs and a built in 85 dB horn. It features a NEMA 4X front, 2 SPDT relays for alarm activated devices, wide operating temperature range, and sunlight viewable alarm indicators. Custom printed message labels can be included with your order at no additional charge.

    Why you should buy:
    • 1/8 DIN Panel Mount
    • 4 or 8-Point Monitoring
    • All Common ISA Sequences