The Value of Ruggedness

Here at Precision Digital, we hear over and over again that our customers like the ruggedness of our displays. The process industry is full of areas requiring personal protective equipment, warning signs, outdoor operations, and heavy equipment; these are all places where things need to be rugged. Precision Digital displays are designed for ruggedness. Extra-large bezels for strong water-tight seals in imperfect panels, heavy-duty aluminum field enclosures, and UV resistant materials are just a few examples of that ruggedness.

Why do we focus so much on ruggedness?

We understand that being rugged means more than just surviving in harsh industrial environments and it has a value beyond avoiding replacement costs. Precision Digital displays offer those who work in tough environments peace of mind.

ProtEX Series of Explosion-Proof Displays and Controllers

We want users to know our products won't fail when installed in a panel outdoors. Our enclosures can withstand someone using them for leverage when reaching to install other equipment. Our electronics can handle some dirty power, or be tested safely to the limits of their specifications. Should something happen, Precision Digital will stand behind the product. Plant down time and maintenance needs are often far costlier than equipment replacement. When working with a harsh application, the benefits and reliability of a rugged unit are a good investment. But beyond the monetary savings, the confidence that the solution will work, even in a harsh application, can be far more valuable.