Precision Digital's The Indicator: November 2014

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Issue #5 • NOVEMBER 2014

The Most Important Factor for Growth

Alan Williams
Vice President of Sales

I am very proud to represent a US manufacturing company that designs, engineers and builds their products here in New England. When I joined Precision Digital Corporation, the strategy was a clear one — how do we achieve sustained long term double digit growth? I'm sure many of you get faced with the same question in your businesses. However, generally speaking, US manufacturers face a tough time to reach those levels of growth in an industry that is perhaps growing 4% annum — so where do we start? New products? New markets? Win market share?

News & Information

While level applications can be found in countless industries and applications, there are certain key elements that should be considered as part of any level control solution.
Level applications can range from managing pump operation in a simple underground sump to the displaying of storage levels in a massive outdoor tank farm. In all of these applications, local display and control is critical to the success of the application solution. The best practices listed below will improve the safety, efficiency, and operator confidence in any level application.

ProVu® NTEP® Certified Pulse Input Batch Controller ProtEX-MAX NTEP® Certified Pulse Input Batch Controller

The PD6310-WM and PD8-6310-WM are NTEP® Certified, pulse input single or multi-stage batch controllers certified as Weighing and Measuring Devices. These versatile NTEP Certified batch controllers are not only ideal for Weights and Measures batching applications, but provide reliable, cost-effective, independent batch control operation where local control is preferred to expensive systems with a much larger footprint. The PD6310-WM and the PD8-6310-WM includes a mechanically secured, tamper-proof, programming lockout feature.

Precision Digital Webinars

Precision Digital successfully kicked off its first in a series of application based webinars, The Fundamentals of 4-20 mA Current Loops. A recording of the webinar is available on The webinar is presented by Precision Digital expert, Joe Ryan, and is an introductory class for those who have to deal with process signals but are not electrical engineers. After watching the recorded webinar you will have a strong understanding about the fundamentals of the 4-20mA current loop and be better equipped to choose the correct devices and instruments for your installation. Watch a video recording of The Fundamentals of 4-20 mA Current Loops webinar. Also, visit our website to register for upcoming live webinars.

How To Series of Instructional Videos

Learning to program the PD765 Trident digital panel meter has never been more convenient! Now you can easily program your meter by following step-by-step "How-To" videos right from your smart phone. Learn to program some of the most common features such as inputs, serial communications, and relay/alarm operations. Type in on your smart phone to watch the Trident "how-to" videos, or for viewing on a computer, visit our how-to videos webpage here.

Browse Precision Digital's full line of meters and controllers with the PDC Price List app. It includes product pricing and specifications to assist in choosing the right meter for your application. The app also contains information about all relevant accessories, and NEMA 4X enclosures that complement various products. Most of the content can be conveniently viewed offline. The PDC Price List app makes finding and pricing Precision Digital products easier than ever. Download app here.

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How To Program a 4-20 mA Input on a Trident PD765 Process Meter

The PD6210 and PD6310 are powerful analog and pulse input batch controllers that expand the functionality of the ProVu with advanced control features, a specialized easy to use design, and the ability to control complicated batch processes with a device any operator can understand. See it in action!

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