New Features on the ConsoliDator+ Multivariable Controller

ConsoliDator+ New Features
Since the introduction of the PD9000 ConsoliDator+ Multivariable Controller in the Fall of 2019, Precision Digital has continued to improve on it every step of the way by making considerable enhancements with the release of its latest firmware, hardware and software. The following are descriptions of the new features available:

Color Selection

Color Selection:

This feature allows you to choose from 65 colors to customize the screens. Color can be selected for text (value), backgrounds, bargraphs, and alarm conditions for channels, totals, and timers.

Watch this short video of the New Color Features

Simulation Mode

Simulation Mode:

Inputs, channels, timers, alarms, and totals can be simulated from the View menu or from a function key.

Note: Simulation parameters are not saved on power down. Up to eight parameters can be simulated at one time.

Manual Control

Manual Control:

The analog outputs and relays can be controlled manually with this feature from the View menu or from a function key.

Note: Manual control parameters are not saved on power down. All analog outputs and relays can be controlled manually at the same time.

Live Calibration

Live Calibration:

Individual channels may be calibrated using a live signal from a sensor or a calibrator without affecting the factory calibration used for scaling.

Alarm Functions

Alarm Functions:

Alarms have been enhanced to enable settings based on day & time (daily, weekly). A flashing red Alert! Message has been added for active alarms, if enabled in the setup. For simulated parameters and manual control outputs, a yellow Alert! message is displayed.

Ethernet Settings

Ethernet Settings:

Information has been added to the system menu and allows the user to set the IP address and other basic parameters.

Real Time Clock

Real Time Clock:

The date & time is displayed on the top line of the Setup and View menus, and can be added to any screen. The date & time can also be the input to a channel. This allows for alarms, on-screen display, and other actions to be taken at specific times and days of the week.

>Math Functions

Math Functions:

More functions have been added including Filter, Control, and Rate of Change. Alarm outputs and on-screen display can be used with any of these new math functions.

Unit Conversion:

This is supported for channels, totals, timers, and any function using those parameters. We have also expanded the List of Engineering Units.

Internal Fan:

Automatic temperature-controlled fan turns on if the inside temperature reaches 50°C and increases the speed as the temperature rises to 60°C.

Internal Heater:

Automatic temperature-controlled heater located behind the LCD turns on at 0°C, delivering the minimum power. If the temperature drops below -10°C, the heater delivers its maximum power.