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Issue #35 ▪ October 2021

A Message From Sales

We’re Planning for the Display You Haven’t Ordered Yet
Joe Ryan, VP of Sales and Marketing at Precision Digital

The ConsoliDator+ PD9000 Multichannel Controller is the most capable product Precision Digital has ever produced. I have personally worked with it on applications that I would have previously thought needed a PLC and/or HMI, and the setup was done quickly without the need to write a single line of code. If you use PLCs, but hate the difficulty in programming them and making changes, then this is the product you need to know about.

It has been a difficult for our purchasing department, as they navigate through uncharted waters. The ripple effects of COVID-19 have been endless between material shortages, vendor shutdowns, sea freight congestion, labor shortages, multiple price increases, etc. With vendors shutting down, foreign governments controlling when they could reopen, and electronic component lead times growing we needed to adjust our plans and anticipate future issues. Our biggest issues are with electronic component availability and PCB contract manufacturing. Based on the feedback received from multiple vendors we do not anticipate the electronic component market to return to normal until 2022.

Rather than sit back and let the market correct itself, Precision Digital took the proactive approach. This meant we needed to implement a contingency plan. In July we began negotiations with additional PCB contract manufacturers and placed large orders for an additional 6 months’ worth of components for our most popular products. This is in addition to the already planned orders. During this negotiation we tried to think through every detail and how problems would be dealt with. These additional orders were placed on July 30th with the goal of having the entire order ship by December 1st.

Since placing the orders for PCBs, we've assisted in sourcing hard to find electronic components, and have had to make a number of costly investments to secure them for ourselves.

Ultimately, we determined that the risk of having excess inventory is outweighed by our desire to have the parts you may need over the next 6+ months, and we're making the investments needed to ensure our delays are kept to a minimum.

Solutions for these issues are not found overnight. They require months of planning to minimize future issues. In the long run, I think we will be very glad we're attacking these issues proactively, and I think all of you will, too.

News & Information

SuperNova PID Process & Temperature Controllers

Precision Digitals’ New SuperNova PD500 Series is a complete line of auto-tuning PID and on/off controllers. This modern line of controllers shows the process variable (PV), set value (SV), and manipulated value (output level%, MV) on a striking reverse polarity LCD screen. The SuperNovas have two and three 4-digit display lines depending on the DIN size. Easily switch between automatic and manual modes by the push of two buttons simultaneously! Available in popular 1/16, 1/8 (V), and 1/4 DIN DIN sizes, and with a shallow depth behind panel of only 2.5" (63 mm) they are easy to fit into almost any panel, product, or enclosure. The SuperNova accepts voltage, current (with external resistor), and direct temperature thermocouple and RTD inputs making it an excellent choice for any control application.

NEMA 4 and 4X Enclosures for PD500 SuperNova Series Controllers

Precision Digital offers a variety of rugged enclosures for the New SuperNova PD500 Series that provide a high degree of protection against harsh operating environments. These enclosures are available in thermoplastic, stainless steel (NEMA 4X), and painted steel (NEMA 4). Many enclosures also have sufficient space to house other devices like Precision Digital’s model PDA1024-01 24 V power supply, signal splitters/isolators/ conditioners. See available enclosures here or check out the Enclosure Selection Utility.

ProVu PD6402 High Voltage & mV Current Meter

The ProVu PD6402 is an ideal replacement for the discontinued Bitronics GSDIE1. It will simultaneously measure a direct line voltage up to 300 V and a current shunt output up to 150 mV. The mV input can be scaled to represent current (A). The PDA6018 adapter plate allows for use of existing mounting cutouts. Extra bright LEDs make for easy reading, even in adverse lighting conditions. The PD6402 is frequently used to monitor field excitation voltage and current during start up and shut down of generating equipment.

PD9000 ConsoliDator+ Multivariable Controller

It’s time to take control of your own process. With the ConsoliDator+ multivariable controller you will never need to hire a programmer again! The ConsoliDator+ comes with an abundance of powerful features and its user friendly interface makes it easy to configure with the front panel soft keys, and it’s even easier to program with the ConsoliDator+ configuration software! Display, Control, Alarm of Multiple 4-20 mA & Pulse Inputs, Advanced Math & Logic, and Modbus Client, Snooper & Spoofer are just some of the powerful features that the ConsoliDator+ has to offer. So, stop wasting time and money by hiring a systems integrator to create a custom program that you cannot change or expand yourself and see how the ConsoliDator+ can simplify your process control without the need for complex PLC programming. Request copies of the ConsoliDator+ Two-Sided Infographics Poster.

PD9000 ConsoliDator+ MasterClass Videos

The PD9000 ConsoliDator+ multivariable controller is the most capable product Precision Digital has ever produced. If you use PLCs and don’t want to deal with the difficulty in programming them and making changes, then this is the product you need to know about. Become an expert by watching these 30-minute ConsoliDator+ MasterClass videos. These videos will show you programming tips, real applications, and will make you the expert on the PD9000 ConsoliDator+ multivariable controller. Along with each video, Precision Digital offers a slide show and study guide available for download to help you better understand the features of the ConsoliDator+ multivariable controller.Start watching now.

Featured Application

Ultimate Control of Water and Wastewater with the ConsoliDator+

The ConsoliDator+ is designed to handle a vast number of tasks for controlling, monitoring, and securing your water and wastewater applications. It has the capacity to connect to numerous 4-20 mA devices such as level transmitters, flowmeters, pressure transducers, current transformers, light / horns, and many more.

Continue reading to see diagrams and examples of how a variety of devices are used with the Consolidator+ to control and monitor a lift station application and a multiple pump control / alternation application.

Featured Product
SuperNova PD500 Series Process & Temperatire Controllers

Featured Videos

ConsoliDator+ USB Data Logger Add-On Feature Video

This video provides an overview of the key features of the PD9000 ConsoliDator+ New Data Logger feature. See a demonstration of how to create multiple data logs, add items to be logged, and configure settings for logging data to a USB flash drive. Also learn how you can control data logs with the log start / stop function keys, log enable switch, log trigger, and more.

New Modbus Client (Master) Features Video

In this video, Joe Ryan, VP of Sales and Marketing, discusses how the Enhanced Modbus Features Package (Client, Snooper, and Spoofer modes) on the ConsoliDator+ allows anyone to easily take advantage of the powerful Modbus features present in their sensors, transmitters, and PLCs, display this Modbus and analog data on an easy-to-read full-color display, and eliminate the need to write complicated code or custom software.

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