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Issue #34 ▪ July 2021

A Message From Sales

YOU Should Be a ConsoliDator+ Expert
Joe Ryan, VP of Sales and Marketing at Precision Digital

The ConsoliDator+ PD9000 Multichannel Controller is the most capable product Precision Digital has ever produced. I have personally worked with it on applications that I would have previously thought needed a PLC and/or HMI, and the setup was done quickly without the need to write a single line of code. If you use PLCs, but hate the difficulty in programming them and making changes, then this is the product you need to know about.

How can you learn more about the ConsoliDator+? Easy! We are planning a 12-week course, consisting of a short 20 to 30 minute webinar each week. This ConsoliDator+ MasterClass will show you programming tips, real applications, and make you the expert on this phenomenal new product. If you’re interested, let us know!

News & Information

Wireless Monitoring of Level and Flow Measurements

The PD9000 ConsoliDator+ is now available with the New Data Logger Feature. This Add-On feature allows you to log data to an external USB flash drive and create logs that contain the same type of process data or a mix of just about anything you might want to log. Each log can contain up to 12 process variables, inputs, outputs, timers, alarm status, relay status or a combination of parameters such as mA inputs, digital inputs, Modbus inputs, channels, totals, timers, and more. The data logger can be controlled in many ways; the start/stop, enable switch, log trigger, or log interval. See these excerpts from the PD9000 manual for more details.

Wireless Monitoring of Level and Flow Measurements

The PDA2500 series plastic NEMA 4X enclosures have been discontinued. Orders will be filled while supplies last – check individual part numbers online for availability.

The PDA2300 series plastic NEMA 4X enclosures are an excellent alternative, and include a door that is hinged and secured with stainless steel hinges and latches.

The PDA2300 series of economical plastic NEMA 4X enclosures for 1/8 DIN Digital Panel Meters provides a convenient way to mount up to ten Precision Digital meters to walls and other vertical structures. Many of these enclosures also have room for additional devices like a light / horn and a 24 V transmitter power supply. Sub-panels are available to mount additional devices to the base of the enclosure. These enclosures come pre-cut with horizontal or vertical 1/8 DIN cutouts or they can be ordered with no cutouts. The meters are mounted in the door of the enclosure thus allowing for programming and operation of the meter. Mounting hardware is provided. Enclosures, meters and accessories are ordered and packaged separately.

See the Discontinued Products page to view a list of replacement options.

Wireless Monitoring of Level and Flow Measurements

Precision Digital has released new prices effective as of June 14, 2021. The price increases include the ProVu, Trident and Loop Leader product lines encompassing the following models:

ProVu: PD6000, PD6001, PD6060, PD6080, PD6081, PD6088, PD6089, PD6100, PD6200, PD6210, PD6262, PD6300, PD6310, PD6310-WM, PD6363, PD6400, PD6402, PD7000

Trident: PD765, PD765X2

Loop Leader: PD6602, PD6603, PD6604, PD6606, PD6607, PD6608, PD6622, PD6624, PD6626, PD6628

You can download PDF and Excel versions of these price lists here.

Loop Leader PD6600 Series

Precision Digital has been very active on social media over the last several years and we are thrilled to have reached over 6,000 subscribers on our YouTube channel. THANK YOU TO ALL OUR SUBSCRIBERS! Our YouTube library includes product, tips, webinars and how-to videos, and we have more videos to come this year. If you haven't yet, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to stay informed on the latest news, product releases, white papers, and webinars from Precision Digital.

Featured Application

Open Channel Flow in Water and Wastewater Plants

Precision Digital offers many solutions for displaying and monitoring flow rate and total in water and wastewater facilities. Many water treatment plants use weirs and flumes for controlling influent flow and effluent flow of water and wastewater. The flow rate and total are measured using various types of level transmitters. Precision Digital meters like the PD6200, PD6622, and PD6820 flow rate totalizers and the ConsoliDator+, are ideal for providing a clear and convenient display of the information taken from the transmitter.

Read more to learn about how these Precision Digital products can make great solutions for open channel flow applications.

Featured Product
PD6600 Loop Leader Series

Featured Videos

PD6210 ProVu Batch Controller Demo
See a brief demonstration of a Precision Digital PD6210 ProVu Batch Controller. A PD9502 signal generator is providing the 4-20 mA input signal, and the PD6210 is configured for 2 stage batching. It is connected to a 4 relay expansion module to provide up to 8 relays for use in control or as alarms, and a 4 digital input & 4 digital output expansion module. The 4 digital inputs are being used for a remote control station (PDA2364-MSBS).

Pulse input versions of this batch controller are available as well, see the PD6310.

Explosion-proof and large display versions of the batch controller are also available.

For more details on the ProVu Batch Controller visit

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