The Indicator: February 2016

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Issue #12 • FEBRUARY 2016

The Value of Ruggedness

Simon Paonessa, Technical Writer at Precision Digital

Here at Precision Digital, we hear over and over again that our customers like the ruggedness of our displays. The process industry is full of areas requiring personal protective equipment, warning signs, outdoor operations, and heavy equipment; these are all places where things need to be rugged. Precision Digital displays are designed for ruggedness. Extra-large bezels for strong water-tight seals in imperfect panels, heavy-duty aluminum field enclosures, and UV resistant materials are just a few examples of that ruggedness.

Why do we focus so much on ruggedness?

News & Information

Alarming Possibilities: ISA Alarm Sequencing in a Nutshell

Signal noise in an industrial environment has the ability to cause havoc with process control systems. This electrical noise can inject itself onto analog or digital signals and fool control equipment into thinking the process variable is different from what it actually is. This miscommunication between process control equipment, as with all kinds of miscommunication, can lead to any number of unforeseen, unintended consequences. As any electrical engineer will tell you, no system can continue to function properly without proper communication.

An In-Depth Look at the New

Choosing level indication and control instrumentation can be a daunting prospect. It can also have a major impact on the end result by helping to improve automation integration, operator safety, and satisfaction. The main benefits of using Precision Digital displays and controllers is that they have a wide variety of level solutions for loop and line power, level switch status, Modbus, and multi-tank applications. Operators can get the tank, sump, vessel or well information they need... right where they want it! See more details on displays and controllers for level applications here.
For our distributor customers, this information is also available as a flyer. You can request printed copies or download a PDF at

Conveniently Check Stock Levels, Lead Times, and Price on
Case Study: Boosting Efficiency in a Natural Gas Flow Application

You asked, and we listened. Introducing price and delivery information on the new Every product on our website now features a "Price and Delivery" tab that will allow you to view all product variations with stock levels, estimated lead times, and price. Use price and delivery information in conjunction with the configurator panel to customize our product to meet the needs of your specific application, or simply select a model from the list and click the "Buy Now" button. More information and more purchasing options means a simpler, more accurate buying process for you, our customers. Go to to start browsing products.

Level Monitoring & Pump Control with the ProVu PD6000

Level measurement and pump control go hand-in-hand, whether it is making sure that your tanks stay full or that they don't overflow. Traditionally, however, these two processes required separate devices, a pump controller and a level indicator. Precision Digital's ProVu PD6000 level display and pump controller combines these important tasks into one device. Not only that, but the PD6000 also offers advanced multi-pump alternation control functionality which can help maximize the life-span of your pumps.

Stay Informed with Our Webinar Archive and Upcoming Educational Webinars

Precision Digital's series of educational webinars offers valuable information about the process control industry and instrumentation. We offer these free webinars in the hopes that it will help purchasers and installers make more informed decisions about process control in their facility and know where and when digital display and control instrumentation would help facilitate better systems. All of our 2015 webinars are available in our archive for you to review or, if you missed them the first time around, to watch for the first time. A full list of our archived webinars may be found by visiting Be sure to look out for more educational webinars to come in 2016!

Featured Product
ProVu PD6000 Display and Control for Level

Featured Video

Vigilante II Annunciator Video

In this video you will see a demonstration of the PD6000 ProVu process meter in a level application, particularly, pump-alternation control in a sump. The PD6000 boasts several features that cater to level applications, such as pump alternation control with its 6-digit dual line display and dual scale function which allows you to use both lines to display different measurement units. Watch video here.

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